Sports Media Announces Nationwide Launch of LED Trucks

Severance, CO, September 18, 2022 --( Sports Media Inc., the leading provider of smart advertising, has announced the nationwide launch of LED Trucks: the latest addition to its advertising portfolio. The LED Trucks are digital billboards on wheels, which provide powerful product promotion and customer education via live streaming and outdoor messaging. The LED Trucks are available to operate in all states and do not require a license, offering a perfect solution for any business seeking to advertise products or services.

Data received from the LED Trucks points to increased brand recognition and awareness, primarily attributed to the higher recall rate for products among consumers who viewed the live-streamed billboard advertisements — which, in turn, can significantly influence sales figures.

The LED Trucks' beacon technology enables businesses to send instant marketing messages to consumers' smartphones, requiring no additional app downloads, when consumers walk within the proximity of an LED Truck equipped with a beacon transmitter. With targeted reach-equipped capabilities, businesses can choose specific demographics for each truck deployment, such as location, age range and gender.

The LED Trucks offer RAMM tracking, a rapid, advanced multimedia cell phone anonymous tracking software. The technology utilizes publicly available interactions between mobile devices to accurately determine individuals' occupancy levels within a space, without infringing on customers' privacy. This allows immediate messages to be sent to new arrivals at airports, commercial facilities or sports venues.

The LED Trucks are able to generate analytical reports using data collection through partner application networks. Audience Analytics gives clients detailed insights into who saw their advertisements, where they were viewed and how long they were looked at, arming businesses with valuable customer data for future marketing decisions.

LED Trucks' smart advertising has the potential to extend a brand’s reach beyond traditional static roadside billboards and bus posters. Audiences can observe and interact with advertisements in real time, which prompts impressions sharing across social media platforms due to their interactive nature on Twitter and Instagram, with consumers being able to post updates about what they view throughout each advertisement's replay.

For inquiries about business requests and the LED Truck specs, please contact Dan Kost, CEO of Sports Media, at (970) 436 0580 or DanK@SportsMedia.Net

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