"The Secret of April Falls" - New Free Middle-Grade Horror by "Night Terrors" Author Francis Leggett

"The Secret of April Falls" is a new supernatural horror novelette for middle-grade readers by Francis Leggett, author of the Night Terrors series of middle-grade horror books. It is available for free on his website. www.francisleggett.com

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, September 22, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Author Francis Leggett has just launched his new free novelette The Secret of April Falls; a supernatural horror for middle-grade readers and parents alike. This free book follows Jenny and her twin brother, Mark on a family trip gone very wrong. Bullied from the road, they find themselves trapped in the increasingly creepy hillside town of April Falls. The Secret of April Falls is Francis Leggett’s sixth book and is a new standalone title he has released alongside his ongoing Amazon bestselling Night Terrors series.

In The Secret of April Falls what started as a typical Lovell family holiday, soon turned into an experience they would never forget—no matter how hard they tried. Lingering deep inside the woods rests a forgotten town. A once lively settlement now shrouded in mystery, it lies in wait for any unsuspecting visitors to pull into its cursed grasp. With a single wrong turn, the trap springs and all responsibility falls on Jenny and her twin brother, Mark. If they are to rescue their family and free the townsfolk, they will need to navigate the labyrinth of dangers the darkness brings, and unlock the Secret of the mysterious town of April Falls.

Core Information

Genres: Middle-Grade, Horror, Mystery, Scary Stories, Supernatural

Themes: Cursed Town, Twins, Plot Twist

Type of Book: 14,000 Word - Standalone Novelette

FFO: Goosebumps, Shivers
Ages: 8 – 12

“I have always wanted to pursue writing, but I was a professional wrestler for twenty years and that took priority. Now that I’ve stepped away from being a human punching bag, I can finally chase the dream. I’ve always had an active imagination and writing for middle-graders is the perfect way for me to use it without driving the people around me crazy. The Secret of April Falls is a great way to get a taste of my writing and was a chance for me to try something new outside of my ongoing Night Terrors series,” said Francis Leggett, Author of The Secret of April Falls.

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