AnaSpec Introduces Sixty New Peptides & 3 New Assay Kits

This week, AnaSpec introduced sixty (60) new catalog peptides and three (3) new assay kits.

San Jose, CA, May 27, 2008 --( This week AnaSpec introduced sixty new peptides and three new assay kits.

[Phe668]-Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) (659-676)
Beta-Amyloid (17-21)-Lys(Biotin)
Protein G B1 Domain (41-56), beta-hairpin
[Glu3]-RGES, Control for RGD Peptides
Coagulation factor IX Fragment A
Cytomegalovirus Proteinase Substrate
SMR1-Related Undecapeptide
P. falciparum Liver-Stage Antigen 3-NRI
Survivin (85–93)
[pSer155]-BAD BH3 (146-159)
Bak BH3 (73-87)
2Wp, Class II MHC Molecule
LCMV (2062-2069)
EBV 2A.32
PLL (889–900), H/K-ATPase alpha-Chain Peptide (889–900)
[Asn670, Leu671]-Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) (668-676), Swedish Mutation
Biotin-beta-Amyloid (18-28)
Biotin-LC-beta-Amyloid (22-41)
HspB8 (181-194)
Chimeric Rabies Virus Glycoprotein Fragment
Mastoparan X
Nociceptin (1-11)
Nociceptin (1-7)
Prepronociceptin (169-176), human
Fibronectin (1906-1924)
Fibronectin (1946-1960), FN-C/H2
Fibronectin (1951-1960), FN-C/H2-COOH
Fibronectin (1954-1960)
YRGDS Fibronectin Fragment
Cyclo (-RADfK-), RGD negative control
Leptin (22-56), human
V3 gp120 HIV (AD-11)
V3 gp120 HIV (WM)
PAR-3 (1-6), human
Caloxin 2A1
Caloxin 3A1
HBVpol575HBV polymerase (575-583)
Hexon Protein Fragment
MBP (131–155)
MBP (146–170), Myelin Basic Protein (146–170)
GSM Peptide
Neuropeptide S, NPS, chicken
Neuropeptide S, NPS, chimpanzee, dog
TRPA1, C-terminal fragment
Histone 4 (1-21)-Lys(Biotin)
BAD (NT-1)
Metalnikowin I
flg15, Flagellin Fragment
flg15-delta-4, Flagellin Fragment
[pThr145]-p21 (140-147)
Cys-p21 (139–154)
Maspin Reactive Site Loop (RSL), (330-345 )
HB-1 (18-41)
p21 (140-147)
NY-ESO-1 (158–180)
Hyaluronan Inhibitor
37, 40 GAP26, Connexin Mimetic
40Gap 27, Connexin Mimetic
43Gap 36, Connexin Mimetic
SensoLyte™ 440 Cathepsin S Assay Kit
SensoLyte™ 520 Cathepsin S Assay Kit
SensoLyte™ 570 Generic MMP Assay Kit

AnaSpec, Inc.
Ping Yang