Travelling to Bali, Indonesia Indie Filmmaker Bob Bryan Films 2 Docs About This Mythical Culture

On location in Bali, Indonesia Multi Award-Winning Indie Filmmaker Bob Bryan explores & documents the Captivating, Amazing & Magical Indonesian Paradise, Bali.

Los Angeles, CA, September 30, 2022 --( The First documentary is titled:
GV12 Wayang Kulit: Shadow Puppet Theater of Bali.
Produced, Directed, Written, Shot & Narrated by Filmmaker Bob Bryan
Running Time: 90 mins

Travelling 1/2 way around the world to a completely different culture, multi award-winning filmmaker Bob Bryan discovered the fantastic Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet Theater. In this wonderful presentation, Bob shares the live shadow play (performed in it's entirety on-location in Bali, Indonesia) for all of us to experience and enjoy.

"Wayang is the Indonesian word for theater (literally means 'shadow.') Kulit means skins (the puppets are made of leather.) The Dalang is the Master Puppeteer who is believed to communicate to the physical beings and the Spirit world. The Dalang brings the puppets to life while simultaneously singing and speaking all the voices of the characters while simultaneously tapping out all the cues for the musicians." –Traci Cooper, ROVI All Media Guide

The Second documentary is titled:
GV14 Myth Magic & Rituals (Barong Dance, Cremation Ceremony, Kecak Dance)
Produced, Directed, Written, Shot & Narrated by Filmmaker Bob Bryan
Running Time: 76 mins.

Barong Dance
For the Balinese people, The Barong Dance is one of the most celebrated Dance Rituals found in Bali, Indonesia. It is a dramatic Art Offering paying homage to God through the beauty of music and movement. "Barong" in Balinese Mythology is considered "the king of spirits." the embodiment of "Good."

Cremation Ceremony
Death is not the End. The Balinese are a very religious people who believe that "the cycle of life" does not end with the shedding or "Death" of our temporal selves...our bodies. Rather, they believe that the dearly departed's spirit will return to earth embodying another human being. This return is called "Reincarnation."

Kecak Dance
Conceptualized as a Trance Ritual the 80 plus men raise their hands up over their heads, flexing their fingers like fire-flames, all the while chanting "cak ke-cak kec-cak." Pronounced "Ketjack or keh-chanhk." Once in a trance-like state they are said to be communicating with their God or Ancestor's Spirits.

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GV14 Available on Amazon Streaming Video and DVD
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