Mobile Highway Advertising Announces Truck Wind Skirts That Deliver Brand Messages and Save on Fuel Costs

A Brand Reach that Goes Beyond Static Roadside Billboards.

Severance, CO, September 27, 2022 --( Mobile Highway Advertising (MHA) is proud to announce the launch of the Wind Skirts program, a brand-advertising placement program that delivers results at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Featuring full-graphic, 30-inches by 22-feet, eye-level billboards placed on the sides of semi- trailer trucks and equipped with proximity marketing, geo-targeting, and unlimited ad-pushing, the Wind Skirts will provide businesses with inexpensive, out-of-home advertising space on wheels to reach millions of consumers across 50 states each year. The Wind Skirts are made of durable vinyl and feature UV-stable inks for long-term outdoor use, and, with creative installation services included in the price of the Wind Skirts, the MHA advertising program is the most affordable way to get brand messages out there.

Dan Kost, CEO of Mobile Highway Advertising said, "Wind Skirts have the ability to deliver millions of impressions at a cost per mile that is less than $1.00."

The rapid, advanced multimedia (RAMM) technology attached to the Wind Skirts provides 300 feet of proximity for sending unlimited geo-targeted messages, text hyperlinks, landing pages, polls and surveys, promotional coupons and a manifold of brand impressions directly to customers' cell phones at no cost, enticing customers to follow call-to-action (CTA)—including Buy Now, Download Now and Subscribe Today buttons. With IBM and Verizon as partners, businesses will be able to receive the most accurate and up-to-date data on how their ads perform through Smart Count—which incorporates proximity marketing technology to count any smart device that comes within 1,000 feet of the trailer skirt advertisements, providing real-time analytics on impressions and interactions.

Mobile Highway Advertising's partnered trucks are enrolled in the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay program—a green freight action plan by the U.S. government requiring trucking businesses to install wind skirts in order to advance supply chain sustainability and improve freight transportation efficiency. The Wind Skirts reduce drag and wind resistance on the trailers, making the trucks more aerodynamic and more fuel-efficient. Trucking fleets can save up to 8-12 percent on annual fuel costs with the new Wind Skirts, making them a valuable investment for trucking companies.

With 21,000 trucks in Mobile Highway Advertising's network and 1,800 truck stops across the country, MHA's regional, national, and statewide Wind Skirt campaigns are in a unique position to help big brand stores, start-ups, food and baggage business, medical facilities, recruitment companies and government organizations reach target customers in the top 250 designed market areas (DMAs) within the United States.

For inquiries about business requests and the Wind Skirts specs, contact Dan Kost, CEO of Mobile Highway Advertising, at 970-436-0580 or email

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