Loveforce International Adds 10 Nations to Its Digital Music Singles Distribution Chain

Loveforce International announces it has added an additional ten nations to the number of nations where its Digital Music Singles are distributed to. This brings the total number of nations carrying its music to 145.

Santa Clarita, CA, September 28, 2022 --( On June 18th, Loveforce International issued a press release that announced an additional 22 nations added to its Digital Music Single distribution chain. Now, just three months later, Loveforce International is announcing that it has added an additional10 nations to the roster of nations streaming its music.

The ten new nations didn’t begin carrying Loveforce International Digital music Singles all at one. They began to carry them in a series of small bursts. The June press release announced the new current number of nations distributing Loveforce International music at 135. As of this week, that number has risen to 145.

Loveforce International attributes the increase in nations carrying their music to new, yet smaller platforms accepting music from Loveforce International during the interim months between June and September 2022. The new platforms included listeners in nations where Loveforce International’s music was not previously available.

The 10 new nations were mostly concentrated in three areas. Africa, Asia, and Europe The nations added in both Africa and Asia have middle to small populations. The nations in Europe have small populations.

The new nations from Africa included Guinea, Somalia, Ghana, and Tanzania. The population for all three nations combined is under 60 million with over half of that number residing in Ghana. The population of Tanzania is equal to the other three nations combined with 60 million people. The combined total is equal to 120 million people.

The new nations from Asia included nations like Laos, Uzbekistan, and Brunei Darussalam. The population of Uzbekistan is around 60 million people but Laos has about 7 million and Brunei Darussalam has just above 400,000 people.

The three new European nations added to Loveforce International’s distribution chain include Cypress, Malta, and North Macedonia. Population-wise, North Macedonia has the largest population of the three with just over 5 million people. Malta has a population of about 525,00 and Cypress has a population of under 50,000.

“We are always happy to receive the news about more nations streaming our music, especially since those nations come with about 200 million potential new customers.” Said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “When you consider that there are 193 nations in the world and our music is distributed in 145 of them, I’d say, as a company, we are doing pretty well,” he continued.

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