Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Publication Celebrates New Members

Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Publication Celebrates New Members
Farmingdale, NY, November 29, 2022 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York celebrates their newest members who will be included in the next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to introduce their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Joseph P. Johnson III--Healthcare
Ryan T. Doughty--Automotive
Louise B. Barnette--Beauty
Shuman C. Guinn--Government
Kung-Kay Chiu--Government/Building
William A. Agostino--Business Service/Property Management
Rodger Hamilton--IT
George Burcham III--Food
Walter E. Vega--Real Estate
Jaleesce K. Brown--Healthcare
Roy T. Dudzic--Government/Law Enforcement
Kaitlyn A. Rudicel--Transportation/Logistics
Craig M. Fisher--Education
Mary A. Mesa--Education
Joyce Wilson Hudson--Funeral Services
Silvano Breda--Plumbing Products
La-Mont Smalls--Funeral Home
Damian Muziani--Media
Andre D. Hall--Educational Services
Annie L. Barber--Community Services
Cristal R. Savannah--Healthcare
Jason L. Thomas--Government
Jean H. Battaglia--Government
Thomas W. Miller--Construction
Mylonne Sullivan--Consulting
Ann-Marie Mariotti Meade--Education
Shirl E. Hawkins--Education
Ellen Barton--Real Estate
Richard L. Mesnick--Interior Design
Jeff Gramlich--Consulting/Financial
David B. Blomstrom--Financial
Ed Costa--Healthcare
Toko Muodzi-Ross--Nonprofit
Bonita Freeman--Cleaning
Valarie R. Palacios--Education
Sidney Secular--Publishing
Ahlen Jorge--Transportation Service
Olin Llewellyn--Government
Nikki Lassiter--Cleaning
Ramon R. Hernandez--Photography
Vinnette F. Williams--Healthcare
Amy Helgeson--Talent Acquisition
Laura J. French--Healthcare
Jesse T. Moore--Labels
Lisa C. Pape--Financial/Real Estate
Carla R. Durand--Education
Eve Gómez--Publishing
Michael Lee Clough--Machinery
Deborah S. Miller--Education
Willie J. Duncan Sr.--Education
Jessica R. Johnson--Dog Breeding
Nancy J. Weaver--Healthcare
Benita A. Shatto--Education
Karen S. McWaters--Healthcare
Brian A. King--Author
Ginger M. Freeman--Beauty
Katherine W. Sanders--Education
Eugene Aristil--Food
Ernest Arthur Eggers--Healthcare
Deborah K. McGee Garcia--Healthcare
Geneffa P. Jonker--Education
Mark E. Hill--Retail/Agriculture
Michael W. Korth--Dentistry
Robert L. Satcher Sr.--Education
Katherine H. Burkman--Education
Eric V. Reusch--Laundromat
Raquel LaCour-Marsh--Publishing
Joseph M. Boehm--Insurance
Michael D. Blum--Education
Corey C. Coleman--Painting
Richard Z. Duffee--Author/Education
Raquel P. Reis--Dentistry
Monica L. DeBoer--Windows and Doors
Bakari B.--Music
Karl S. Williams Jr.--Healthcare
George G. Batey--Entertainment
Margaret Rogers Van Coops--Publishing
Barbara A. Hagerty--Education
Anthony V. Falcone--Legal
Karl M. Hess--Agriculture
Angela Carlton--Author
Margaret L. Gagliardi--Display Design
Beverly Jane Brandenburg--Government
Leanetta Mitchell--Healthcare
Frances A. Williams--Healthcare
Niko Christopher Bockmon--IT
John Patrick Ciszczon--Government
David F. Cossey Sr.--Utility/Water
Joseph M. Lander--Business Coaching
Richard A. Chestney--HVAC
David C. Grantham--Healthcare
Karen L. Robison--Cleaning
Joseph N. Thibodeau--Motor Repair
Tonia L. West--Real Estate
Tricia R. Davis--Automotive
Deric V. DiGiuseppe--Property Management
Alonzio W. Hardin Jr.--Government
Vivian E. Jackson--Legal Services
Adam M. Kearns--Entertainment
Priscilla Romasco Kryger--Real Estate
Jonathan Mason--Insurance
Georgianne Naylor--Consulting
Timothy L. Vaughn--Education
Doina M. Balcacean--Education
Rhonda J. Newberry--Transportation
Steve Trentham--Fitness
Gabrielle Hochberg--Healthcare
Anna Elisabeth Daly--Fitness
Michael D. Goldsmith--Publishing
Nick Seth-Smith--Photography
Dexter L. Owens--Education
G Marie Livingston--Religion
Corrine Erickson--Architectural Signage
Jovite C. Palardis Jr.--Sports
Nichole Yazzie--Education
Marcos A. Rivera Rivera--Insurance

About Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide highlights the professional lives of individuals from every significant field or industry including business, medicine, law, education, art, government and entertainment. Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is both an online and hard cover publication where we provide our members’ current and pertinent business information. It is also a biographical information source for thousands of researchers, journalists, librarians and executive search firms throughout the world. Our goal is to ensure that our members receive all of the networking, exposure and recognition capabilities to potentially increase their business.
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