Black Rose Writing Presents "COMA" by WR.Park

Shawnee, KS, June 10, 2008 --( Black Rose Writing is proud to announce that it has acquired the publishing rights to WR.Park's COMA. Two bestselling authors compared WR.PARK's last two suspense-thrillers with the work of Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, and Tom Clancy.

CIA Agent Hunter Dougllas remains in a six-month coma while being hunted as a rogue agent accused of the grisly murders of nine members of Congress. During one of Dougllas’ coherent moments--in the presence of the Director of the CIA--he manages to describe each detail of the murders and admits he was there. But how could that be? He’s been bedridden in a coma for the past six-months.

A sadistic assassin, dismembered Congressmen, and a devious plot to overthrow the president send CIA Agent Hunter Dougllas halfway around the world on a seek-and-destroy mission. Add the distraction of two beautiful women and a bullet painfully lodged in his skull, and his task is formidable.

WR.Park's past publications include Overlay, the sequel, The Dacian Resurgence and the highly acclaimed Franciscan Trilogy.

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Black Rose Writing is a small independent publishing house that believes in developing a personal relationship with their authors. They don't see them as clients or just another number on a page, but rather as people... who they are willing to do whatever it takes to make them satisfied with their publishing choice.

Black Rose Writing is seeking growth in an array of different publishing genre fields and searching for a true identity. The business was created by Reagan Rothe, author of Misanthropy: Book I: The Tower, in 2006, and co-author of Sword of Eibhlin: A Tale of Love not Lost, in 2008. Similar to some of the characters in the Misanthropy series, Black Rose Writing is constantly working to find its own trodden path.

The ultimate goal: Black Rose Writing will be able to promote, advertise, and produce your dedicated stories through the company itself and with their publishing connections. They want to make your writing successes possible and eliminate the fear of a difficult and lengthy experience.

Minna Gilliam
Public Relations Consultant
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Minna Gilliam