Poet Anastasia Clark Releases Vagabond Pond

Miramar, FL, April 02, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Anastasia Clark, poet, announces the highly anticipated release of her latest book, Vagabond Pond (ISBN: 1933242256. Paperback. $16.00 list)- her fourth full length title published by Sun Rising Poetry Press. Clark describes the book, “as an assortment of 85 poems dedicated to vagabonds- those who might be lost in a very real sense-or those who might be lost in just their own minds. Vagabond Pond is an imaginary place to gather, to hurt, to heal, to rejoice. A place you will never forget.”

The book features uplifting poems such as “Straw Tavern:” Straw Tavern / Is a place we know: / In a secret barn / Hidden by snow- / Where wine drops / And bread- / Are always free / And visitors / Can relinquish- / Their poverty. It also offers contemplative pieces such as “Whiskey Sunset:” There is a / Whiskey sunset / Baring down / On us- / A folding tent / Of neon light / Forcing a / Rainbow / Into the night.

The mesmerizing book cover, featuring an angel rising out of a pond, was designed by prominent book cover artist, Donette Smock- who designs all of Clark’s covers.

Donald Levin, PhD, author of In Praise of Old Photographs (Little Poem Press, 2005), and Associate Professor of English at Marygrove College, begins the Foreword, “The poems in Anastasia Clark's new collection of poetry, Vagabond Pond, showcase her remarkable gift for finding exactly the right poetic image for engaging the world with her lyrical compassion.”

Nikki Giovanni, world-renown poet, and Professor of English at Virginia Tech, offers back cover remarks and adds a poem herself to reflect her impression of Vagabond Pond.

Clark (Moore) grew up in Framingham, MA, where she served as Poet-In-Residence to the Framingham Public Schools during 1977-78. Her work has appeared in Southlit, Outsider Ink, The Ultimate Hallucination, Ascent Aspirations, Wilmington Blues, Scrivener’s Pen, Spillway Review and Subtletea. Clark served two years as Poetry Editor and Columnist for Epiphany Magazine: a celebration in writing. Her poems “Old Volcanoes,” and “There Go the Souls,” were both nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Other titles by Clark, published by Sun Rising Poetry Press, include Grieving With Poetry (2004)- poems written after the death of her parents, Bloodsongs (2004)- poetry about women’s issues, Skeletons and Other Complaints (2004)- poetry about life’s challenges, and Electric Petticoats (Coming later in 2006)- poetry celebrating the spicier side of life. She is also the author of the POETRY PETALS collection- themed booklets designed for gift and floral baskets. Titles include Healing Poems, Inspirational Poems, Romantic Poems, Nostalgic Poems and Humorous Poems.

Clark has recently appeared at Borders Bookstores and was also featured in an article by Eileen Soler, The Miami Herald in October 2005.

Upcoming events include poetry readings at South Regional/BCC Library on April 11, 2006 at 6:30pm and Alvin Sherman Library/Nova Southeastern University Campus, on April 22, 2006 at 4:00 pm.

Please contact the author directly goldenrush59@aol.com to schedule an event.

Clark lives in Miramar, FL (Broward County). Visit www.anastasiaclark.com .

Anastasia Clark