Creative Diagnostics Introduces Fluorometric Neuraminidase Assay Service for High-Throughput Discovery

Shirley, NY, October 23, 2022 --( As an expert in the antiviral field providing solutions to assist virology and microbiology research, Creative Diagnostics recently introduced Fluorometric Neuraminidase Assay services to the global research community, suitable for functional detection of NI-resistant viruses in mixed virus populations and monitoring the neuraminidase activity of non-viral or bacterial origin.

Neuraminidase (NA), also known as sialidase, is a glycoprotein distributed on the envelope of the influenza virus. It is antigenic and can catalyze the hydrolysis of sialic acids, helping mature influenza viruses detach from host cells and infect new cells. Hence, it plays a vital role in the life cycle of influenza viruses. The most common NA is viral neuraminidase. The binding and cleavage of sialic acid and adjacent sugar groups enable virus transport through mucins, disrupting the host cell’s hemagglutinin receptor and allowing the infected cell to release offspring virions. Neuraminidase facilitates the spread of respiratory viruses by stimulating the release of influenza virus from infected cells. Therefore, it is an important target for the development of influenza drugs. Currently, the detection of neuraminidase and neuraminidase inhibitors (NIs) utilizing fluorescent neuraminidase assay is a major strategy in studying biological processes and preventing influenza infection.

Creative Diagnostics can measure fluorescent substances released by active influenza neuraminidase enzyme. In further detail, researchers from Creative Diagnostics titrate virus isolates based on neuraminidase activity. Then neuraminidase inhibition assays and antiviral drug activity screening will be performed to determine the 50% drug inhibitory dose. The fluorescent neuraminidase assay is suitable for functional detection of NI-resistant viruses in mixed virus populations, and it can also be used to monitor neuraminidase activity from non-viral or bacterial sources.

"Creative Diagnostics provides researchers a simple and flexible format for screening several to hundreds of virus isolates or even thousands of compounds with high-quality data during high-throughput lead discovery," said Dr. Jessica Waldorf, the chief scientific officer of the R&D department at Creative Diagnostics. "We have accumulated much experience with these viruses, including Influenza A (H1N1) virus, Influenza A (H3N2) virus, Influenza B (Victoria-lineage) virus, Influenza B (Yamagata-lineage) virus, and H9N2, H7N9, and attenuated H5N1 (BSL-2). Other viruses or microorganisms may be available on request."

Creative Diagnostics combines infection and analytical expertise to provide its global clients with the strongest portfolio of antiviral and antimicrobial in vitro testing services. Confronting the growing demands for new antiviral and antimicrobial compounds as treatments for infectious diseases, Creative Diagnostics spares no effort to test these compounds in vitro to determine potential efficacy within in vivo models.

If you need more information regarding the Fluorometric Neuraminidase Assay Service or have any questions related to the in vitro antiviral testing, please visit Creative Diagnostics at

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