Prescribe FIT Releases Comprehensive Report on the State of Remote Patient Monitoring Technology for Orthopedics Today

Prescribe FIT's latest white paper decodes the benefits of remote patient monitoring for orthopedics, highlighting how it can help patients reduce symptoms and improve surgery outcomes with weight loss while generating revenue for the practice.

Columbus, OH, October 30, 2022 --( Remote monitoring technology offers a multitude of clinical and financial benefits for physicians and their patients, and it’s more popular among both groups than ever.

A recent white paper from Prescribe FIT outlines the current landscape for remote monitoring, analyzing data on its ubiquity and efficacy. For example, 63% of adults have expressed interest in remote monitoring, and its use among physicians has jumped 2.5x since 2016.

With the potential to improve the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of health care, the report highlights that remote monitoring can be particularly useful for orthopedic physicians, who are facing a patient population with obesity rates as high as 55%, compared to 42% of the general population.

Weight loss is an important dimension of treatment for orthopedic patients. Evidence suggests that obesity can cause and/or exacerbate musculoskeletal (MSK) issues, as well as lead to complications post-surgery.

The white paper references a review of several studies that demonstrate remote monitoring to produce clinically meaningful weight loss for patients, even helping them lose more weight relative to other interventions.

As such, orthopedic providers can employ remote monitoring as a conservative treatment to help at-risk patients reduce symptoms, avoid surgery, and, if they do undergo surgery, to improve their chances of a successful recovery.

Not only does remote monitoring lead to improved patient outcomes, but orthopedic physicians can add a new revenue stream to their practice as well. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have expanded coverage to remote monitoring with four CPT codes.

Importantly, the report notes that barrier to entry is low for orthopedic practices, as remote patient monitoring companies can assist with implementation, monitoring, and coaching patients through their treatment program.

Overall, remote monitoring solutions have the potential to reshape the orthopedics landscape, including the physician-patient relationship, patient outcomes, and the overall approach to improving population health. Access the full white paper:

About Prescribe FIT:
Prescribe FIT is the leader in orthopedic weight loss. Their full-service remote monitoring and virtual lifestyle health solution extends orthopedic care beyond the office to improve patients’ MSK health with simple changes to nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle.
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