West Virginia-Based Company Has Taken the Latest in Technology and Innovation Into the Realm of Public Drinking Water

As a proud West Virginia based company, Extreme Endeavors has taken the latest in technology and innovation into the realm of public drinking water. Over the years Extreme Endeavors systems have continued to expand throughout the Mountain State, and now they are proud to announce their technological advancements here are now being noticed worldwide.

Philippi, WV, November 03, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Extreme Endeavors is one of the first companies not only in West Virginia, not even the USA, but in the world to develop an automation system based on the Internet of Things. This endeavor has become so far reaching that the servers and cloud-based SCADA systems right here in West Virginia are not only controlling public drinking water systems throughout our state but are soon to be advancing into countries throughout South America and Africa. Extreme Endeavors understands that in the coming years systems across the world will begin utilizing the Internet of Things. Their team of engineers and technicians are ready and able to fuel this change with their state-of-the-art embedded hardware manufactured in the northeast of the state.

Extreme Endeavors have recently been invited to present and discuss the future of how the Internet of Things can benefit the world in Ecuador, and they have already introduced their innovative solutions to Brazilian water operators. Recently Extreme Endeavors has also entered into a partnership with Hydrexa, a Peruvian based company that is helping to provide clean drinking water, wastewater treatment and treatment of mine drainage water.

Another profound endeavor in the pipeline will be monitoring the water supply of Gelan City in Ethiopia, Africa. This is of high importance as the water that supplies Gelan City is the source water to the Nile River which provides water for the entire northeast region of Africa.

Developments are not only in the expansion of market region, but the team is also continually improving their technology. Extreme Endeavors has started development of the next embedded IoT Modules known as the SingleNode 3.0. It is the next generation plant/pump station controller and a new low cost tank monitoring system specialized for areas subject to vandalism. This concept was developed to meet the needs of a Brazilian water district through a partnership with Compessa.

One innovation that Extreme Endeavors is pioneering here in West Virginia is “Digital Twin” Technology. Working with a partner company in Argentina, CientoVeinte, they are transposing water plants and facilities into three dimensions using a software called Unreal Engine. This then gets developed into a browser setting to allow SCADA systems to be shown in three dimensions. This system is currently being prototyped within the city of Shinnston, WV.

Extreme Endeavors understands and cares deeply about the fact that not everyone has access to wonderful clean and fresh water like our very own Shenandoah, Monongahela or Tygart Rivers which our state is blessed with. Their mission is to make a positive impact worldwide using innovation to benefit humanity, people and community.
Extreme Endeavors
Caitlin Wiley