Revolutionary Data Security Product by iQvcloud, Inc. Assessed by NCC Group

Cutting-edge cybersecurity product designed to protect critical data gets tested by reputable third-party security company offering assurance to users.

Los Angeles, CA, October 31, 2022 --( Earlier this year, NCC Group began a security assessment of the iQvault application. iQvault, a revolutionary, information security platform, is the first product released to market by iQvcloud, Inc.

NCC Group is a global information assurance firm that specializes in product security. Companies like iQvcloud, Inc. use NCC Group’s detailed letters of engagement to verify product attributes in view of current security best practices, standard security functionality, and product protection.

iQvcloud, Inc. provided NCC Group with access to source code and documentation in order improve the effectiveness of testing. Using a combination of manual test techniques and proprietary and public automated tools, NCC Group’s consultants were able to assess iQvault.

The evaluation included:
• Web Application: Allows users to upload files to the server backend, view uploaded files, share files with other users, and view files that have been shared with them.
• Web Services: Golang based backed API that powers the web application and performs core operations such as file storage and retrieval, license verification and enforcing access controls and storage restrictions.
• Container Review: Two docker images for the web application and the API.
• Linux VM Build Review: iQvault OVA image hosting docker containers which run the web application and server.

“Having a reputable third party test our technology to assure it does what we say it does was the necessary next step as we introduce iQvault to the market,” says Michael J. Riggins, CEO of iQvcloud, Inc. “This helps us to identify any risks that may prevent us from offering the highest level of information security.”

iQvcloud, Inc. develops products that protect all forms of data using their patented technology. This patented technology is based on the use of a “random” number of “randomly” selected inputs to “fragment” data files into a random number of “data shards.” These random “data shards” are then stored on a “single” storage disk or multiple disks. iQvault, developed for individuals, organizations and government agencies, is a platform offering a higher level of security than other products on the market and is specifically designed to protect critical data.

About iQvcloud
iQvcloud, Inc. is a Nevada corporation with offices in Nevada as well as California. The company develops products that facilitate the protection of all forms of data and information when at rest. This technology exceeds today’s standards for encryption/decryption by introducing solutions that address the needs of both secure business transmission of data and the authentication of the user.

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