Loveforce International Announces Its November 2022 Book Giveaways

Loveforce International announces its November 2022 book giveaways.

Santa Clarita, CA, November 01, 2022 --( Loveforce International announces its book giveaways for November 2022. Four books will be given away during the month of November. The books will be given away on four consecutive Fridays beginning on November 4th and concluding on November 25.

The books will be in a variety of different genres. They will include two books of Fiction; a book of humorous short stories, and a book of fictional stories about people on the edges of mainstream life. Two Non-Fiction books will also be given away including a book in the Religion genre and a book of true, inspirational stories.

On Friday, November 4, "Slices of Life 1," by Mark Wilkins will be given away. Slices of Life is a collection of humorous, family-oriented, short stories about life. Most of them deal with marriage and family members. There are stories about smart spouses, intelligent little children, guys trying to impress their friends, and in-laws trying to master technology.

On Friday, November 11, "True Stories of Inspiration & General Interest," by The Prophet of Life will be given away. What do cell phone addicts, George Orwell, birds, Paul McCartney, The Nobel Prize, Black Friday, Led Zeppelin, garbage, a pep talk, tipping, Steve Jobs, Shakespeare, inspirational quotes, and your mother have in common? They are true stories in this book. True Stories of Inspiration & General Interest brings together stories and poems about celebrities, popular trends, and everyday people. The book’s goal is to entertain readers while giving them something to think about.

On Friday, November 18, "A Week’s Worth of Fiction1, People on The Edge," by Mark Wilkins will be given away. In this book, you will meet people on the edges of society. One story is about a security guard who copes with imminent death. Another story is about an elderly man who is cast aside and left to die. There is a story about one woman struggling to capture romance before her beauty fades and another story about a woman struggling with cancer. There are also stories about a little boy who terrorizes a grocery store, a teenage boy searching for love, and a small nation struggling against a corporate monopoly.

On Friday, November 25, "Finding God in A Chaotic World," by The Prophet of Life will be given away. In this book, readers will learn that The Lord communicates with everyone and how The Lord communicates with them. They will learn about the True Nature of God and realize just how profound God’s Love and reach are. Readers will learn the secret of why Gods' will always prevail. They will learn the secret of getting closer to God. They will learn about the change that is occurring all over our planet and learn what is causing it. The goal of the book is to provide readers with revelations that may change the way they look at life in general, and their life in particular.

“It is our hope that the books being given away this month touch our customers and give them something to think about,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas.

All Loveforce International book giveaways will be the e-book versions of each book and will be given away only on the date stated. The books will be given away on Amazon exclusively.

For further information, contact Evan Lovefire at (661) 523-4954.
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