Spanish Edition of "Selfless Self," "El Ser Sin Ser" Kindle Edition - Out Now

The E-Book publication of "El Ser Sin Ser: Conversaciones Con Shri Ramakant Maharaj," will enable the availability in all Spanish-speaking countries, of this important book from the Self-Realized Master, Shri Ramakant Maharaj, who spent nearly 20 years with the legendary Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

London, United Kingdom, November 10, 2022 --( The E-Book "El Ser sin ser": Conversaciones con Shri Ramakant Maharaj" has just been published. It will be welcomed by a large following of Spanish readers worldwide who are dedicated to the teachings of Nisargadatta in "I Am That," ("Yo Soy Eso") and his other books.

The late Alan Jacobs, President of Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK, was the first person to announce: "Ramakant Maharaj is Nisargadatta Maharaj's successor, and 'Selfless Self', the natural successor to 'I Am That'."

This significant book from the Self-Realized Master, Shri Ramakant, direct disciple of Shri Nisargadatta, was first published in the UK to great acclaim in 2015. Watkins Books, London, stated that "Selfless Self" would doubtlessly become a "Direct Way" classic and described it as an "essential companion to 'I Am That'."

Ann Shaw, editor of "Selfless Self," explained: "When Nisargadatta Maharaj passed away in 1981, he left behind him a massive hole which seemed impossible to fill until Ramakant Maharaj emerged as an authentic, Realized Master. He conveyed the highest, spontaneous and direct knowledge with utter and unprecedented simplicity. These transformative teachings are unadulterated, powerful and pragmatic, as many seekers continue to find out from reading this book."

Shri Ramakant's sincere wish was for these universal teachings to spread across the globe. To date, the paperback edition of "El Ser Sin Ser" has not been made available in many Spanish-speaking countries. However, the new E-book edition will not only change this, but also bring Shri Ramakant Maharaj's wish closer to fruition.

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