A New Definition of Wealth is Revealed: the "Prillionaires"

Wealth is in stages and levels. There are millionaires and there are billionaires. Then there is the latest definition of wealth that is beyond the millions and the billions. The pre-seed fintech start-up, Prillionaires is not counting the zeros, but rather the multiple facets of wealth. Prillionaire is the new term for wealth in different forms.

London, United Kingdom, November 03, 2022 --(PR.com)-- A prillionaire is someone who has several bank accounts in the country or across borders and has some different forms of investments; properties, stocks, cars, businesses, retirement accounts, and even multiple crypto wallets. It denotes someone who belongs or soon will belong to an elite community of those living in affluence or luxury yet not a millionaire.

Prillionaires pre-seed fintech start-up is excited to launch the Prillionaires News website on 19th October 2022. The London-based husband and wife team Laszlo and Krisztina Peter are behind the new next-generation Prillionaires wealth tracker and net worth calculator app and the partnering new website prillionairesnews.com.

The website aims to attract prillionaires, the new generation of wealth who can discover financial and money management tips that will enhance their financial status even more.

This luxury lifestyle and inspiration news website has the following:
• Well-researched content with facts and figures that provides answers in all areas of luxury lifestyle.
• Up-to-date financial and investment tips.
• Interesting articles for digital nomads, ex-pats, and like-minded cosmopolitans.
• Integration of Prillionaires Wealth Management application.

The start-up provides exclusive access to a powerful financial tool: the Prillionaires Wealth Management application (launching soon - prillionaires.com).

This revolutionary new app can safely and securely manage all assets and liabilities in one place. Users can link, sync, monitor, and track all accounts and calculate their net worth across borders – no spreadsheet or multiple account logins are required.

Chief marketing officer Krisztina said, "People with less than $1 million but more than $100,000 liquid assets are considered sub-HNWIs, do not meet the requirement to have a financial advisor."

Krisztina added, “The world has never been wealthier—with large variations across countries and households. In the meantime, inflation and cost of living prompt a wealth literacy crisis, and retirement uncertainty.

"The Prillionaires News website and the application are designed to support people who want to grow financially or learn financial literacy and manage their wealth themselves."
Krisztina Peter