CodeMania v3.1 Sees 114 IT Students Participate in SLTC Hackathon

Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 17, 2022 --( SAAS product development company 10QBIT was the Platinum Sponsor of the CodeMania v3.0 Hackathon organised by the IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapter of Sri Lanka Technological Campus (IEEE CS SBC of SLTC).

The Hackathon began at 8 pm on October 25th night and ended at 8 am on the 26th morning.

Thirty eight teams of three each participated in the competition. This was the first physical algorithmic coding hackathon competition experience in Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) history. It was organised with the aim of creating a platform for SLTC undergraduates to demonstrate their coding skills in a logical and creative way, within a competitive mindset.

The 12-hour Hackathon aimed to check competitors’ coding knowledge in any coding language, through 10 to 12 problem sets every hour via the HackerRank platform. The organisers hope to elevate the CodeMania Hackathon series to one of the main events in Sri Lanka within the next three years and hope to provide more opportunities for SLTC undergraduates to step into the IT industry.

The aim of the organisers was also to motivate and prepare SLTC undergraduates to take part in the IEEEXtreme 16.0 Hackathon, the ULTIMATE CodeMania v3.0 Inter-University competitive coding hackathon, as well as the other upcoming coding hackathons in Sri Lanka.

Subarshan Thiyagarajah (Head of Partnerships & External Relations), Thanura Nadun (Head of R&D and Innovation), Dinuja Wickramaarachchi (Head of Cybersecurity), Madushi Prashadini (Head of People Operations & HR) and Iresha Aluthge (HR & Admin Manager) represented 10QBIT, with Suban, Nadun, and Dinuja remaining onsite the entire night to monitor the Hackathon.

In all, the 10QBIT team was very enthusiastic about the event and the level of skills on display. Head of R&D and Innovation, Thanura Nadun who observed all the teams during the night, noted that, “In some teams we saw one guy who did the coding, while others helped to explain the logic. Other teams utilised their crew to do multiple questions at the same time. I noticed this Hackathon was like a marathon. Some teams worked hard to get initial points at the start, but when they got to the middle of the challenge they got fed up, whereas other initially slow teams start to ramp up.”
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