Automed® Launches e-Commerce Solution for the Livestock Industry

Automed® is an easy-to-use medication applicator and management tool for livestock farming.

Seward, NE, November 17, 2022 --( Automed® launches their first e-commerce platform,, ensures livestock owners can have the Automed® products delivered straight to their doorstep. Automed® understands the busy life of farmers and with this new eCommerce platform, Automed is saving farmers time and helping change the global livestock industry.

The Automed® device is an easy-to-use medication applicator that automatically delivers accurate doses and the correct medicine to livestock when weighed. With the implementation of the Automed® device into animal management practices, Automed is helping reduce the antibiotic resistance the livestock industry faces.

For farmers concerned about the traceability of their animals, Automed® offers an enterprise platform. This platform allows farmers access to their unprecedented records and essential farm data such as; life data, an entire medical history, and even the location of every animal on the farm. The data is synced and stored on a secure cloud-based system that users can access from anywhere.

The medication applicator is the Automed delivery device. It automatically records and sends medication data to the Automed OS, which consists of the app and the web portal. Together, they will save time and money for farmers by automating much of the process and eliminating occurrences of overdosing and under dosing. In addition, farmers will now also be able to prove the compliance of their product.

David Edwards, co-founder, and CEO of Automed®, spoke with confidence and pride, “It has been a lifelong ambition of mine to produce a product that can dramatically and positively impact the global livestock farming market. With Automed®, we have the product that will do exactly that.”

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