Bizarre Experiences During Our Historical Lockdown of 2020 - a Human Story

A lot of things happened during the pandemic lockdown and we were all watching every second of it like an unbelievable reality show. Some people lost it; others took risks and changed their whole life trajectory. One artist, Christine Greyson, did the latter and started podcasting stories from an old, dilapidated homestead in the wilderness.

Bizarre Experiences During Our Historical Lockdown of 2020 - a Human Story
Wilkesboro, NC, November 09, 2022 --( Christine Greyson, a musician and storyteller from southern Appalachia, found herself isolated in the the woods on the abandoned property of her ancestors in 2020. She lived out the pandemic alone, gathering water from a mountain spring and protecting her territory from wild predators as the sun went down.

Although she did manage a shotty satellite connection to the world, she spent more time fighting off snakes than sitting at a computer. But even with caves and mountain creeks to explore, the loneliness set in and she began searching for a way to speak again.

Greyson found an old USB mic in an attic box, downloaded some software and started a solo podcast called Natural and Wild with Christine Greyson. She told stories that reflected the parallels between human nature and the wild order of the woodlands. It was her way of retaining some sanity in a world of chaos and fear. She found her voice, and acquired a small cult following in the process. It was a free show.

“A lot of people lost almost everything during the pandemic. I believe it's critical to take frustration and anger, and pour those things into music and entertainment. It's good for mental health, and it can keep us from self-sabotaging and turning into monsters.” - Christine Greyson

The show lasted through 53 episodes. Although there won't be any new recordings, the 53 shows are still delightfully relevant, still free and available on all platforms. They're worth a listen.
Christine Greyson