Exponential Power Launches Handheld Refraction-Based Battery Hydrometer with World’s Fastest Specific Gravity Reading - Includes Battery Vault Recording App

Menomonee Falls, WI, November 14, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Exponential Power, Inc., a leading provider of stored power solutions, has developed and launched an industry leading hydrometer that measures a variety of battery conditions without extracting liquid from the battery. The EXP-2600 Hydrometer brings increased efficiency and safety to the battery testing experience. When paired with Exponential Power’s Battery Vault App, the EXP-2600 can also capture all readings and automatically generate an inspection report summary.

“The EXP-2600 Hydrometer’s patented technology measures the temperature and refractive index of scattered light in the test liquid, evaluates it and returns a reading nearly instantly,” explains Exponential Power’s Product Development Manager Wayne Eaton. “It delivers the world’s fastest specific gravity reading, without having to remove liquid from the battery.”

The EXP-2600 Hydrometer is a significant advancement compared to traditional hydrometers that use a tube to sample battery electrolyte. Tube-style hydrometers present the unwanted possibility of moving contaminates from one battery or cell to another, and they carry the higher safety risk of sulfuric acid exposure. The EXP-2600 Hydrometer features a solid refractometry sensor with a built-in thermistor, thus no electrolyte is removed from the battery or brought into the device.

The EXP-2600 is 80 percent more efficient than leading competitors. The handheld tool is ergonomically sculpted with tactile buttons, making it easy to rapidly test multiple batteries in succession, and its physical dimensions allow for access to all flooded battery types. It reads specific gravity in a range from 1 to 1.4 and is accurate to three decimal points + or - .002. Readings are instantly displayed by inserting the sensor directly into the battery electrolyte. Its built-in zero adjust feature reduces calibration requirements and when needed, the EXP-2600 is easily calibrated in distilled water.

The new EXP-2600 Hydrometer has a rechargeable lithium battery and features a magnetic charger. The measuring cells are replaceable, allowing the hydrometer to be easily serviced as well.

The EXP-2600 provides additional value via integration with the Exponential Power-developed Battery Vault App. The app is the world’s largest repository of lead acid battery data, providing customers with real-time analysis and tools for forecasting budgeting, maintenance and service. When paired with the EXP-2600, the Battery Vault App captures all readings and generates a report summary with instant feedback on Android and iOS devices.

“Anyone responsible for monitoring and maintaining batteries will find this is an incredibly accurate, user-friendly and time-saving hydrometer,” said Exponential Power CEO Jake Walker. “Our engineering team consistently heard from customers in the field that were looking for a better, faster solution, and we are excited to share the EXP-2600 with the world.”

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