Ronnie C. Wright Produces "Call Like a Ref, Play Like a Player"

Wright instructs men and women on how to be a “Ref” and “Player.” He asserts that men and women are “similar” and that they both want to (WIN) - Want Intimacy Naturally.

Ronnie C. Wright Produces "Call Like a Ref, Play Like a Player"
Beverly Hills, CA, November 12, 2022 --( Ronnie C. Wright, the award-winning author of 29 books and the world’s first Acroneticist, thinks often about the inspiring men and women he’s interacted with in his “Call Like a Ref, Play Like a Player” seminars over the years. Many of these same men and women who encouraged him to write a book and produce a movie were seeking the inner (how) to SCORE – Successfully Create Outstanding Relationships Everyday. WHY? (Wisdom Helps You!), according to Ronnie, it's because they're playing the game on the sidelines instead of "in the arena." In "Call Like a Ref, Play Like a Player," Ronnie leads men and women inside the GAME – Generating Active Moments Everyday – and highlighting the questions and concepts such as “The 24-Day Clock.”

Should it be a standard requirement for you? How to spot and call a foul a Foul. When to DRIVE – Develop Real Interaction Valuing Everyone. The three questions every player should ask to PLAY – Producing Long-term Action Yields. And much more... "Call Like a Ref, Play Like a Player" is a seminar and future book and movie you must read and see to elevate (YOU) – Your Own Uniqueness and Your Own Understanding – for health, happiness and personal growth with love and laughter.

Ronnie C. Wright began producing seminars and books in the 2000s. His success as a producer/host led to the Sunday At Polo and Luxury Tonight shows from 2007 to 2010. In 2016, Wright continued his work onscreen, appearing in Uncle Buck, starring Mike Epps; The Mike Epps viral parody video, Grand Master Flash and The Scariest Two; and a Code Black episode and promotional video starring Odell Beckham, Jr.

Wright continues his commitment to growing confidence and success in young people’s lives with contributions from his Amblacks Foundation.

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