Loveforce International Releases 1 People and I Had No Idea

Loveforce International Releases two new Digital Music Singles by Billy Ray Charles and inRchild, and gives away a book in honor of the two new singles.

Santa Clarita, CA, November 15, 2022 --( On Friday, November 18, Loveforce International will release two new Digital Music Singles. The two singles will be by Billy Ray Charles and inRchild. Loveforce International will give away a book in honor of the two new singles.

The new digital music single by Loveforce International Recording Artist Billy Ray Charles is entitled, “I Had No Idea.” The single was co-written with Songwriter-Producer John Chambers who is also signed with Loveforce International. The song is upbeat and in the R&B music genre. Lyrically, it is joyful and centers on re-igniting a lost love interest from the past.

The new digital music single by inRchild is entitled, “1 People.” Musically it is a solid Reggae-Pop song. Lyrically it is about the commonality of people going through hard times and focuses on the equality of all of us. The song attempts to uplift and uphold the dignity and value of all people through the theme of commonality.

The book being given away is the e-book version of A Week’s Worth of Fiction1, People on The Edge by Mark Wilkins. The book features seven short stories of fiction, each followed by a poem that provides further insight into the theme of the story or one of its characters. All the stories in this book, are based around the theme of people on the periphery or edge of society. Characters in the stories include a security guard who copes with imminent death, an elderly man who is cast aside and left to die, a woman struggling to capture romance before her beauty fades and a woman struggling with cancer. There are also stories about a little boy who terrorizes a grocery store, a teenage boy searching for love, and a small nation struggling against a corporate monopoly.

“This week, we are releasing one song about nostalgic love and another about the value f all people,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “We are capping it off by giving away a book of entertaining short stories that will give our customers something to think about,” he continued.

The e-book will be given away on Friday, November 18th only, worldwide, on Amazon exclusively. The two new Digital Music Singles will be released to iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, KKBox, Tidal, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Facebook / Instagram Stories, Soundtrack by Twitch, Touch Tones, Triller, Media Net, TikTok, BoomPlay, Snapchat, Pretzel, AudioMack, Yandex, Joax, Kuack, Adaptr, and Qobuz.

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