2023 Beastly Buys Paves Way for an E-Commerce Environment with a Vision for All Aspiring Cross-Border E-Commerce Brands

Next year, Beastly Buys will create a new infrastructure for retail stores online. Bringing beneficial growth to the client-company relations of SMEs.

Chicago, IL, November 22, 2022 --(PR.com)-- “With the post COVID market environment, we have seen a growth in online shops expand far greater than we would have ever expected,” says founder Evan Kistner at Beastly Buys. “With more and more people and groups willing to go into e-commerce, we see a lack in (product) quality or even supply chain that is only advantageous to one party.” Beastly Buys is a new and upcoming e-commerce group with more than just e-commerce on its mind: “Omni-environment” as he calls it.

Beastly Buys was founded by a trio with overlapping experience in the supply chain. From manufacturing to end-user journeys in the purchasing experience, they have found three factors that could change that game and create a win-win for everyone in the supply chain.

“First thing that needs to take place is to create a universal auditing system for the beginning of the supply chain,” he says. “Accountability and transparency are lost with all the noise nowadays with all the products now being sold online. You can't see what you get or how good the product is.” They say that as early as Jan 2023 people can expect to see this auditing system in place first on their website. A demonstration that will allow manufacturers who follow the rules to shine brighter and give potential buyers ease when shopping virtually.

“Not only do we test the products but we will give a side-by-side comparison of the results for the prospects,” says Kistner.

One other game changer will be in 3PL distribution. “As of now, we are planning for a fair third-person logistics system. Think of it as a membership, if you will. To rent out storage at a reasonable rate.” The idea is to create a credible system on which people and companies within the supply chain can reliably set prices for storing and delivering within the country without having to deal with traditional methods like FBA and drop shipping. Having better prices in the supply chain will create an avenue for more competition between traditional logistics in e-commerce, and in the end, bring down prices for the end user.

“Lastly, what we have to do is create an audit system for the sellers. Transparency is key to winning in the end. If you are pressured into creating a healthy system where the mob wants you to do good by them then you will be forced into doing it. This will be a new hub for B2C and B2B companies that desire a shift in the traditional supply chain,” says Kistner. “It will be a community for SME e-coms selling within the US.”

Kistner also goes on to say that by the end of 2025, he hopes to see a shift in ways that the entirety of the supply chain operation for SMEs and benefiting all that are a part of it. He boldly added, “the goal is to disrupt the e-commerce market right now. Being in the business of actually working on projects and building brands, as well as businesses, I have come to find that there is a lot of 'shady' operating a good size of the market. After dealing with cross-border traders, manufacturers, and sourcing agents, you see tricks and shortcuts some people take just to make a quick buck. The only people that are hurt by this are the Americans that purchase these ‘maybe they will last’ products. We want to challenge the shady entities and support growth for those that operate fairly.”

Beastly Buys has already had a soft pre-launch in hopes to collaborate with like-minded people and sell quality sh!t the people deserve.
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