Courageous Women Who Fought Against Inequality is Theme for New Series by Linda Weaver Clarke

There were many courageous women who were a part of history and they definitely made a difference in the world.

St. George, UT, November 21, 2022 --( Amidst the hardships of inequality, there were many courageous women who fought against injustice during the 1840s. These women made a difference in the world. They spoke up and let their opinions be known. They would not be held back but took a stand for equal rights. Many wanted to vote, have a higher education, and fought against involuntary servitude. They were considered “women of courage.”

When several women took a stand, their actions were looked down upon. Speaking publicly was considered improper for a woman, by the standards of the day. In a pastoral letter from the 1800s, the Council of Congregationalist Ministers of Massachusetts said a woman who speaks publicly was “unwomanly and unchristian” and it would “threaten the female character with widespread and permanent injury.”

Even though it wasn’t proper, many still gave their opinions. Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony adamantly spoke against prejudice, inequality, and slavery. They encouraged women to get an education and stand up for their rights. But they were not alone. There were many others who expressed their views. These courageous women were an important part of history and made a difference.

Many people don't know that the first four states to give women the right to vote were Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. These states encouraged women to participate in politics and run for office. They were independent and courageous women. With this in mind, Linda Weaver Clarke sat down and wrote three novellas that are part of a series called “Women of Courage.” Each one was inspired from the experiences of her great grandmothers.

A Mississippi Sunset is a historical romance. Laura McBride is a liberated and courageous young lady who is convinced that she can help others in her crusade for equality. She encourages women to fight for their beliefs and be heard. But she soon finds out that women who speak publicly are looked down upon. But that wasn’t how Deputy William Davies felt. When he met Laura McBride, he was intrigued with her independent nature. He admired her spunk and determination to fight against slavery and involuntary servitude.

Sunnie Reviews wrote: “I really enjoyed this sweet and clean historical fiction and romance. A Mississippi Sunset is part of a series of brave women who were not afraid to take a stand in what they believe needed to be changed and you will see some historical figures that appear in this book! Loved that. This is a very enjoyable book and it is well worth a read!”

Laura isn’t the only one who shows her independence. In The Light at the end of the Tunnel, Hannah is a young single mother who has had some hardships since arriving in America. But the trials in her life only make her stronger. Hannah realizes she can make something of her life by opening a hot chocolate shop. She soon finds that starting her own business isn’t as easy as she thought. But she will not give up. When Thomas learns that she has spirit, he is intrigued.

“This romance wrapped around my heart as it took me into the struggles of Hannah, such a brave woman, and her little girl, who’s also brave. The characters come to life on the page as Thomas falls for Hannah and adores her child. However, Hannah is caught up in her day-to-day trials and with her independent streak, she only thinks of making a life for her and her daughter. Can Thomas get her attention and change her mind?” – Gail Pallotta, Author

Serenity also has some spunk. In A Lady of Refinement, Serenity discovers thieves stealing her precious grapes. Dawning her brother’s cavalry uniform and grabbing his sword in hand, she brandishes it in the air and calls out: “Leave or Perish!” Seeing the gleaming sword, the thieves take off running. Seeing this scene from a distance, Jonathan is surprised because Serenity is a refined lady from Wales. When Serenity’s brother gives him some advice how to win her heart, Jonathan begins to question his wisdom. Should he trust his friend or is he leading him astray?

Reviewer Louise Pledge wrote: “How I enjoy finding a book that will not let me put it down until I'm done! This was the case with A Lady of Refinement. Linda Weaver Clarke used a true story of her ancestor’s as a base, and it rang familiar to me, as my ancestors also migrated to America from England during the same time period. The main character, Serenity, is the refined lady, and it was such a delight when she bested a few arrogant males. My favorite character, however, was Jonathan, who was very taken with Serenity. Time will tell if he is successful at capturing her attention.”

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