Anna Buys Houses Launches New Website, Anna Helps Seniors

Informational website aims to help seniors and their families navigate resources for long-term care and other common situations that come with aging.

Omaha, NE, November 23, 2022 --( Anna Buys Houses, a family-owned real estate investment company that buys property from homeowners who need to sell their homes as-is or don’t wish to sell retail, has launched Anna Helps Seniors, an informational website designed to help seniors and their families address common situations that come with aging and make informed decisions about long-term care.

The owners of Anna Buys Houses personal experience with managing senior care and end-of-life issues with their parents was the inspiration for developing Anna Helps Seniors. They recognized the need for seniors and their families to have help navigating the complexities of finding and funding long-term care and other common situations that come with aging.

“With my own father, I found my way through managing senior care and end-of-life decisions with some success, but it wasn’t easy,” said Anna L. Graham, owner of Anna Buys Houses. “My experience is what prompted us to start Anna Helps Seniors and why we have such a heart for helping seniors and their families plan ahead, especially when it comes to the decision about whether a senior can stay in their current home or if they need to consider a move to a senior living community.”

In many cases, an emergency is what forces families to act, and they find themselves scrambling to make decisions. Sometimes an unexpected health problem makes it unsafe for a senior to live independently in their home. Anna Helps Seniors is a resource designed to connect seniors and their adult children to information covering a range of topics, including selecting a placement agent and determining the cost of senior care, adventure travel companies, and even a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of therapeutic personalized music to help people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Aging can be challenging, especially when it includes a move to a new home or community later in life. Seniors who feel vulnerable because of declining health can be put at ease if others around them are informed, calm, and supportive. The information on this new resource site is provided so that seniors and their families can become more informed about services and organizations that may provide help and encouragement.

“We have found that many families wait until there is a crisis before they begin discussing their senior parents’ wishes or planning for future care. This crisis mode can cause a great deal of stress and navigating the senior care system can be really overwhelming,” said Eric Lindeen, vice president of operations and marketing for Anna Buys Houses. “We aim to share our knowledge and experience to be the resource we wish we would have had when we were navigating the path to senior care with our own parents. Our new website will be an ever-evolving resource that provides connections to help seniors and their families make the most informed decision for their unique situation.”

Anna Helps Seniors is a tool to encourage elderly adults and their families to become more knowledgeable about key issues that come with aging, which will hopefully provide more peace of mind, so they can prioritize their relationships rather than worry about the unknowns of the future.

Additionally, Anna has co-authored a book, Paying for Long-Term Care: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Funding Long-Term Care designed to provide a comprehensive overview of senior service providers, costs of long-term care, strategies for successful transitions (whether in-home care or senior living), how to make decisions objectively as a family, and much more. Anna Helps Seniors is currently offering a downloadable copy free of charge. You can download the book at

About Anna Buys Houses
Anna Buys Houses is a family-owned, experienced real estate investment company that buys property from homeowners who need to sell their homes as-is or don’t wish to sell retail. The company offers cash for homes and closes based on the timeline that works best for the seller. They specialize in supporting seniors and their families through the difficult transition of selling their home to finance senior care. To learn more visit

About Anna Helps Seniors
Anna Helps Seniors is a resource designed to provide objective information on a variety of topics that come with aging to help seniors and their families—finding and selecting a senior living community, paying for long-term care, managing health and safety, and more. This informational website is a resource offered by Anna Buys Houses, an Omaha-based real estate investment company. To learn more visit
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