How an EdTech Start-Up, PyNet Labs, is Transforming Lives of Network Engineers

An Ed-tech start-up from India, PyNet Labs, that is working vigorously to transform the lives of network engineers around the world by providing best in class training, lab facilities, trending courses, and life-time support.

Gurgaon, India, November 25, 2022 --( Every business has undergone an enormous transformation in recent years, and EdTech is no different. The global pandemic brought about increased digitization even though it put businesses in an unusual scenario and disrupted day-to-day existence.

The demand for online education soared as schools, colleges, and other educational institutions were forced to close their doors temporarily. Students had no option but to turn to online education, and EdTech platforms have used this opportunity to introduce creative solutions and fresh ideas in education. PyNet Labs India is one of these EdTech start-ups that launched in 2020 and quickly gained traction in the computer network education sector.

In 2020, when the world was recovering from the pandemic, the computer networking world was shifting in a new direction. Amongst this migration, PyNet Labs was born from the minds of 2 innovators driven to revitalize the networking training industry.

Mr. Abhijit Bakale, one of the best trainers in India and a well-known name in this field, and Mr. Deepanshu Budhija, who has been a founding member of numerous tech start-ups and worked closely with the core team to build them from the ground up, learned how some well-known training facilities manipulate network engineers into enrolling in their over-priced courses.

In a world driven by IT, network engineers played a significant role, but only a handful knew what they could do with their knowledge and how to move ahead in their careers. Therefore, Deepanshu and Abhijit started a platform, PyNet Labs to help Network Engineers in getting professional guidance, appropriate career direction, and the best possible training.

Reminiscing on the days of their humble beginning, the founders stated, "It was a hard time as we were competing in a field where some top players had already acquired a huge name for themselves and only a small chunk was available where we could carry forward with our business model. However, with our dedication, values, vision, and mission to help network engineers, we overcame each obstacle and earned a name for ourselves."

From day one, PyNet Labs sought to change the computer network world by providing network engineers with the best means possible. Apart from top-notch training, they also invested in helping network engineers by other means, such as career counseling, placement support, after-training support, interactive classes, unlimited lab access, and free courses from time to time.

Along with that, they also launched a placement cell devoted to offering all the appropriate work opportunities to network engineers. These network engineers require not to have any association with PyNet Labs; they can be anybody, even training with PyNet Labs' competitors. If they needed assistance to discover relevant Job openings, this EdTech start-up helped them.

As PyNet Labs has grown from a small-scale start-up to a globally recognized training company. Their eagerness to embrace new ideas and technologies has remained unwavering. As a result, they are continuing to launch new training courses that are popular and in high demand among tech companies.

When this EdTech came across network engineers being stuck at the below-par package and unaware of what to do with their career, PyNet launched its 100% Job Guarantee Courses, which are dedicated to providing all the necessary skills required to become a sound network engineer and move ahead in network engineer's career.

While other training institutes were suggesting network engineers to go for CCIE training and investing more than Lakhs in training to get 3 to 5 LPA package jobs, PyNet Labs' 100% Job Guarantee Courses starting from a mere INR 39k focused on giving quality training on trending technologies to get these Network Engineers high-paying jobs.

Recently, they also launched cybersecurity courses as the demand for cybersecurity in the networking world is increasing, and network engineers need these skills to stay relevant to the domain's top-paying jobs. Along with all this, the EdTech start-up went out of the way and launched free courses to help network engineers who lacked the resources to pay for networking training.

By November 2022, this EdTech start-up completed its 2 years with more than 350 online training, 100+ corporate training, clientele from various national backgrounds, 70+ employer partners, and 350+ SD-WAN labs, 50+ ACI Labs, and more than 500 Network Automation cloud labs. Their success story can be also be heard from their reputation, reviews, and placement stories. With zero external investors, PyNet Labs has come a long way to become a world-renowned training company catering its services to individuals and corporates.

Over the years, they have facilitated large and small organizations, technology providers, enterprises, and governments worldwide with IT technology training. Providing access to industry expert trainers, in-house labs, and free-of-cost training has set the stage for success for many professionals and freshers by reducing skill gaps.

In the time to come, the founders of this EdTech start-up believe they will be able to help all network engineers unlock their full potential through advanced and trending technology training, job placement support, and affordable services.

If someone wants to become a network engineer or are a network engineer who wants to upskill themselves to the trendiest technologies, they should definitely check out PyNet Labs' courses.
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Nitish Sah