Fright Knight Legend New Game Launch Date Set For Dec. 14

Atlanta, GA, November 25, 2022 --( LunarEx Games today announces an updated launch date for the game Fright Night Legend, updating the release date to Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022 due to some technical challenges with development. Great feedback on the game was given at the DreamHack Atlanta Expo and would like to make the gameplay even better upon launch.

“It’s unfortunate to have to change the launch date for the game,” said solo developer Marcel Rosado. “but we want to make sure the release has all the features we planned. So we’re making a decision to push back the launch date to make ensure that it has the game play we envisioned on day one of the official launch.”

In Fright Night Legend, players embark on a thrilling journey to save the cursed Kingdom of Brightmore. With playful narration from the Wizard, players fight their way through hordes of enemies, avoid traps and collect gems scattered throughout the land while the legendary story unfolds.

Key game features include:

· Up to 3 playable heroes with unique abilities and special attacks
· Ability tests to avoid traps along the way
· A groovy retrowave soundtrack
· Voice narration and epic storytelling throughout the game
· Challenging yet delightful BOSS fights with a quirky personality

Game playability details include:

· Single Player: Keyboard or Joystick
· Local Co-Op mode: Up to 3 players with Joystick
· Online Co-Op mode: Up to 3 players

More details are available at Fright Knight Legend:

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About LunarEx Games:
Since 2013 LunarEx Games has been making app/games for iOS and Android, mainly focusing on Augmented Reality Apps for mobile. In 2022, LunarEx Games will be releasing it’s first game for the PC platform, Fright Knight Legend, which spent 2 years in development.

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