Andeco Films Releases "Changing the Odds"

Producer Anthony D. Colby and Andeco Films bring their classic film, "Changing the Odds," to streaming.

Beverly Hills, CA, November 27, 2022 --( Award Winning Producer Anthony D. Colby and Andeco Films will release their classic film, "Changing the Odds." The film was originally produced in 2006. "Changing the Odds" is a retrograde of the classic '60s film, "Guess who's Coming to Dinner." Examining today's chain of events; the rising of hate crimes, escalation of gun violence and racism in America, Andeco Films decided to bring back the classic to shed some light on Hate. The film touches on race relations, especially interracial relationships. A interracial couple brought together by a fatal and near fatal tragedy begin a mixed relationship despite their old fashioned father's objections. The couple show how mixed relationships have trials and tribulations, but can survive without violence and despair. "Changing the Odds" is a very touching, heartfelt story that will bring pleasurable viewing for the holidays and contains a very powerful message which should be well received. The film will be released on streaming through Andeco Films in December 2022. If you are looking for academy award winning actors, this is not what the film is about. The film contains a powerful, intelligent message that needed to be conveyed and was done so convincingly. Check out the movie. Andeco Films hopes you will enjoy the movie and its message.

Producer Anthony D. Colby is also working diligently on a sequel to his Award-Winning Documentary, "America: Back to The Wild, Wild West." The sequel is called, "America: Back to The Wild West Again." The sequel will resume with the message regarding Public Awareness and Safety of Gun Violence in America, but will also address solutions on how to curb some of the violence against women and children. Andeco Films wishes to express that the film has nothing to do with either anti or pro gun beliefs.

Andeco Films is also completing the studio's horror/suspense/thriller, "It Came from Within." The horror feature will be out for viewing early 2023.
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