Treasure Hunters and Filmmakers Head for the Hills in Search of Lost History

A team of experienced outdoorsmen and historical researchers combine their efforts to film and produce their explorations in the Western States of America. After years of planning and organizing, the crew is ready for any hurdle that stands in their way. Treasures in America Production Company announces the release of the “Uncharted Expedition” series which takes to YouTube for a soft opening.

St. George, UT, December 12, 2022 --( Uncharted Expedition is an independent filming company that has partnered with the producer, Treasures in America, to create and share with the public, a glimpse into the lifestyle of real-life treasure seeking. The Founder and CEO, Timothy Draper, had this to say, “It’s time to show the public what real treasure hunting is. This show is what reality TV is all about. Real people in real situations. This is where reality hits entertainment.” He is hopeful that the show's transparency will claim realism, not fake television programs. The cast and filming crew starts in Utah and plans to expand to more states as the show gains attention.

The Uncharted Expedition series was awarded sponsorship from known companies to help with the cost of production. YouTube was the platform chosen to launch the show in hopes of creating awareness of the series more quickly. The widely known platform offers free viewing to everyone. The producer states, “Programs and documentaries are in high demand. We hope this series will inspire and motivate others to hunt for lost history and treasures near them.” The series was released on November 25, 2022 and three episodes are currently able to view. Other episodes are scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2023.
Treasures in America LLC
Timothy Draper