Drink Detective™ Introduced to Las Vegas Market

Internet marketing and PR firm, LJP Marketing, introduces drink spiking detection kit to Las Vegas merchants in conjunction with Drug Rape Awareness Campaign

Las Vegas, NV, April 03, 2006 --(PR.com)-- WayPoint Biomedical, Inc. (Other OTC: WYPH.PK) is announcing that their drink spiking rapid test that detects over 60 different drugs commonly used for date rape and robberies is now available in Las Vegas.

Joe Perez, President/CEO of LJP Marketing, LLC discovered the Drink Detective™ rapid test kit while researching Canadian Retail Pharmacy Chains for a client. The kit manufacturer, WayPoint Biomedical, Inc., had just received orders for test marketing the Drink Detective™ in Canada. “I was so impressed by the product that I immediately contacted WayPoint for additional information,” states Perez, a life-long resident of Las Vegas, “Las Vegas is a playground for sexual predators and thieves who use these now detectable drugs and methods of drink spiking, to perpetuate their crimes.” Perez continues, “It is time for Las Vegas residents, and especially tourists, to become more aware of this danger and to also provide them with a defense.”

Nearly all the most common drink spiking drugs can cause partial or total amnesia. This makes apprehending these predators very difficult for law enforcement. Victims of drink spiking are often unable to recall details of the attacker, the crime and when or where it occurred. In many cases, the victim has no idea a crime was committed and wrongly assumes they were over intoxicated by alcohol and may have just exhibited poor judgment.

The Drink Detective™ is an easy to use, rapid test kit that can detect the presence of over 60 date rape drugs in seconds. Drink Detective™ kits are credit card sized, to remain discreet, and include a dropper for administering the test on 3 separate strips that test for different drugs. The drugs identified by the kit include gamma hydroxybuturate (GHB), ketamine (Special K), and more than 60 drugs in the benzodiazepine group, such as Rohypnol®, Valium®, Xanax® and Clonopin®.

According to WayPoint Biomedical President, Bret Hendzel, “We are extremely excited about what Mr. Perez has brought to the table in a very short period of time. He is currently coordinating a Drug Rape Awareness campaign in the City of Las Vegas for the entire month of April, which is nationally recognized as “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”. During this campaign, posters will be placed throughout town in establishments that serve alcohol, and drink safety cards will be distributed at public locations and in major hotels.” Mr. Hendzel adds, “In conjunction with WayPoint’s current Global Drink Spiking Awareness Campaign, a survey of 5,000 women will be conducted in local bars and nightclubs to ascertain additional drink spiking statistics.”

LJP Marketing will begin distributing Drink Detective™ rapid test products to Las Vegas hotels, bars, nightclubs and retail stores on April 3rd, 2006. Currently, there are no vendors of the Drink Detective™ in the City of Las Vegas. During pre-sale stages, LJP Marketing has confirmed over 10,000 units requested and reports daily requests for high volume purchases. Perez explains, “The reason I chose to distribute this product was because my mother was a victim of drink spiking, so this hits home for me. We are excited about the early sales projections, but more so, very excited to be able to make a difference in the prevention of these crimes.”

About WayPoint Biomedical, Inc.
WayPoint Biomedical, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of WayPoint Biomedical Holdings, Inc. (Other OTC: WYPH.PK), is an innovative biomedical technology firm, specializing in diagnostic tests and devices for screening and monitoring human health, fitness and environment. The Company develops and markets cutting-edge disposable rapid tests that offer both a preliminary diagnostic screen to specific conditions, along with a future path for consumers, medical providers, and first responders to follow regarding their health status or environmental condition. For more information on WayPoint Biomedical visit www.waypointbiomedical.com, www.drinkdetectiveusa.com.

About LJP Marketing
LJP Marketing, a Nevada corporation, specializes in effective internet marketing strategies and is dedicated to optimized public relations. LJP Marketing represents clients in various industries and is the exclusive distributor of the Drink Detective™ in Las Vegas. For more information on the Drink Detective in Las Vegas please go to www.drinkdetectiveLV.com.

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