Weldon L. Haywood’s New Book, "Sent by Your Father, with Love!" is a Spellbinding Mystery Tied to Events and an Affair from Twenty Years Ago and the Fallout It Created

Weldon L. Haywood’s New Book, "Sent by Your Father, with Love!" is a Spellbinding Mystery Tied to Events and an Affair from Twenty Years Ago and the Fallout It Created
Anaheim, CA, December 27, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Fulton Books author Weldon L. Haywood, a veteran of the Marines who achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer-3, has completed his most recent book, “Sent by Your Father, with Love!”: a captivating tale that explores the strange circumstances surrounding a murder and the former love affair that becomes reignited in the process of the investigation.

“Vernon Fuller had not been to Jasper, Missouri, for more than twenty years,” writes Haywood. “He had been driven away from the area under the gunpoint of three men and given a warning never to return. He was now the owner of a small ranch about five days ride from Jasper. He had an assistant foreman named Leon Elliott that he trusted 100 percent.

“Before the warning, Vernon had been working as a cowhand on one of the large ranches in the area, the Circle M. The ranch was owned by a man named Samuel McKnight. Samuel McKnight had driven Vernon away from the area after learning that he had been having a secret, intimate relationship with his daughter, Margie.

“There was another large ranch in the area, the Circle C, owned by a man named James Caldwell. James Caldwell had a son named Christopher. James Caldwell and Samuel McKnight were best friends. They had made an agreement whereby their son and daughter would marry when Margie became twenty years of age.

“Now twenty years later, Vernon Fuller has received a letter from Margie, asking him for help. While reading the letter, Vernon learned that Samuel McKnight and Christopher Caldwell were dead, and no one knew James Caldwell's whereabouts. Most importantly, Vernon learned that he has a daughter named Laura.

“Leon agreed to go to Jasper on Vernon's behalf and provide any assistance he could to Margie and Laura. Neither of the women was to be told upfront Vernon Fuller had sent him. Margie had requested in her letter that Laura not be told Vernon was her father.

“Read about the adventures Leon encounters as he works to solve the puzzle of how Christopher died and the unknown whereabouts of James Caldwell. Enjoy reading of how those adventures led to a totally unimaginable romance and rekindled another…”

Published by Fulton Books, Weldon L. Haywood’s book weaves an intricate mystery that slowly unravels at an expert pace, taking readers on an unforgettable journey as they discover the secrets that remain uncovered in Jasper. As Leon inches closer to discovering the truth, shocking revelations will turn the case on its head, making everyone second guess all that they know.

Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchase “Sent by Your Father, with Love!” online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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