Author Keith Seland’s New Book, "The Humaniverse Guide: Will ET Talk with Us?" Discusses Why and How Humans Can Prepare to Make First Contact with Intelligent Alien Life

Recent release “The Humaniverse Guide: Will ET Talk with Us?” from Newman Springs Publishing author Keith Seland, is an eye-opening analysis of how a proactive approach to making first contact with alien lifeforms will provide benefits to humanity that would otherwise be unachievable if one were to wait for extraterrestrials to seek out contact with humans first.

Author Keith Seland’s New Book, "The Humaniverse Guide: Will ET Talk with Us?" Discusses Why and How Humans Can Prepare to Make First Contact with Intelligent Alien Life
Buffalo, NY, January 26, 2023 --( Keith Seland, an advocate for first contact with extraterrestrial intelligences who has completed his fourteenth year of ufology research, has completed his new book, “The Humaniverse Guide: Will ET Talk with Us?”: a poignant discussion of why humanity must move towards a proactive approach to seeking out communication with extraterrestrial life forms and how that can be used to society’s benefit.

“Do you think that humans are naturally reactive to situations they encounter in society, without regard to their enormity and potential impacts? Or do you consider us a proactive design?” asks Seland. “By all accounts and historical evidence, our species waits until the situation has presented itself to us before we act. The body of evidence in reality supports that we are reactive by design.

“In the situation that is the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), as applied to first contact, we are moving very close to monumental discovery of other life in the universe. But no plan exists that will guide us through this situation toward a beneficial acknowledgment of and introduction to extraterrestrial intelligences (ETI).

“‘The Humaniverse Guide: Will ET Talk with Us?’ will immerse you into a most detailed and thoughtful investigation of the hypothesis that is proactive planning for first contact. Being proactive in starting a first-contact plan design now will offer our civilization many benefits and advantages that are impossible to achieve by waiting until after the contact-event occurs.

“‘Will ET Talk with Us?’ explains all these benefits and advantages from many perspectives, and offers the most complete thesis of first-contact planning in existence today. Reading this work will enlighten, increase your awareness and consciousness to the need for formation of a plan design and its implementation. It will also introduce you to the many benefits you can utilize to your advantage as an individual and to the many communities in which you are a member.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Keith Seland’s thought-provoking read explores why humanity’s reactive response to incidents in the past is the incorrect approach for making contact with extraterrestrials and must be rectified in order to make communication as beneficial as possible for all parties involved.

Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase “The Humaniverse Guide: Will ET Talk with Us?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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