Ukraine Warfare Impacts Developer Population in Eastern Europe

Santa Cruz, CA, February 09, 2023 --( Russia and Ukraine were among the EMEA region’s eight largest developer populations in 2021 but the loss of critical infrastructure and economic stability in Ukraine during the war in the last year has reduced the country’s developer population by 12.5% to 281,500 according to Evans Data Corporation’s recently released Worldwide Developer Population and Demographics Study. It is still unclear what percentage of refugees will return to Ukraine at war’s end and how soon this return will occur. If refugees are permanently displaced, it may take until 2027 for Ukraine’s developer population to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Russian developer population figures are also affected. Russia’s developer population was forecast to increase by 2.4% from 2021 to 2022, but only saw a 1.9% increase. Outside estimates of Russian emigration since the start of the war project 0.2% of Russia’s total population. This certainly influences Russian developer population estimates as skilled labor, particularly software developers and engineers, can re-locate their skills to other countries.

The total global developer population is now over 25.6 million; a worldwide growth rate of 2.3%. Since 2021, almost 634,000 individuals have joined the developer community. The population of developers and regional growth rates are disaggregated across the four global regions in this ongoing study. APAC saw a 3.1% grow rate; EMEA, a 1.6% growth rate; North America, a 1.9% growth rate; and Latin America, a 2.0% growth rate, as the world recovers from the recent pandemic.

The Evans Data Corporation Worldwide Developer Population and Demographic Study provides the most comprehensive, current, and detailed data on the state of the global developer population providing population estimates by country and region along with 5-year projections. In addition, survey data from Evans Data Corporation’s Global Development Survey are overlayed on the estimates to show numbers of developers adopting various technologies in the various regions. Now in its 32nd iteration, the report combines intensive secondary research with a proprietary model and survey data to produce the industry’s de facto standard for developer population.

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