Multiarchitecture Programming Becoming the Norm

The latest research from Evans Data Corp. reveals more developers designing apps for multiple hardware architectures. - June 22, 2024

North American Developers Expect Gen AI to Improve Code Security

Evans Data Corp.'s Global Development Survey Report reveals developer predictions for generative AI. - May 10, 2024

Developers Choose Clouds Based on AI Services

According to Evans Data’s recently released survey of Cloud developers worldwide, developers are more likely to select a cloud provider based on AI services being offered. - April 12, 2024

GPT is Edging Out BERT According to Developers

Two major architectures for Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks are vying to dominate the market but GPT has an edge according to developers working with NLPs. In Evans Data’s semi-annual Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development survey conducted last month, developers were... - December 04, 2023

75% of Cloud Developers Would Switch Cloud Providers

Evans Data Corp. reveals cloud developers attitudes toward their cloud providers and deployment. Using data directly from the recently released Cloud Development Survey Report which delves into AI and machine learning in the cloud, Kubernetes and microservices, orchestration, multi and hybrid cloud, data centers, and much more. - October 31, 2023

Worldwide Developer Population Grows to 26.4 Million

In 2022 the worldwide developer population grew to 26.4M, returning to a growth rate near pre-pandemic levels. - August 21, 2023

Seventy-One Percent of Developers Fear They Will be Replaced by Generative AI

The global developer population fears AI will eventually leave them without jobs. Seventy-one percent believe they will be replaced by AI according to Evans Data Corporation’s recently released AI and Machine Learning Survey Report. Twenty-six percent of developers working specifically in the... - July 20, 2023

North American AI Developers Lead the World Working with Foundation Models

Evans Data Corp.’s latest Global Development Survey report reveals interesting regional data relating to AI use in apps. - May 03, 2023

Ukraine Warfare Impacts Developer Population in Eastern Europe

Russia and Ukraine were among the EMEA region’s eight largest developer populations in 2021 but the loss of critical infrastructure and economic stability in Ukraine during the war in the last year has reduced the country’s developer population by 12.5% to 281,500 according to Evans... - February 09, 2023

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