Your Book Promoter to Help Self-Published Authors Generate Sales

The newly formed Your Book Promoter will promote independent authors by means of Virtual Book Tour, ad campaigns and other media exposure for reasonable rates.

Tampa, FL, June 02, 2008 --( Authors who have self-published their works and don't have many of the resources that mainstream published authors do, have a new ally. Your Book Promoter was formed with the independent author in mind. Founder and President Matthew Cochran points out that "We recognize that many of the authors who publish their books by means other than big publishers often don't have the time or know-how to properly promote their book and generate sales. For those in the industry published by the larger publishers, most of the work is done. From distribution to publicity, independent authors have to work hard to get in anywhere. It's a daunting task."

Cochran says he started the company to promote his friend, author Wyatt McIntyre's book, Montana Skies. The experience and knowledge he gained in the process, he feels, needs to be shared with other struggling authors. "I know how to get books marketed, get them onto Amazon, and spread the word. I've shared that knowledge with others and we share it with you."

Rates for Your Book Promoter's services range from the basic plan of $250.00 up to whatever the author is willing to spend to get noticed. A premium plan starts at just $450.00, but additional ad buys and high visibility press releases can be purchased at cost.

One of the interesting features of the promotional strategy offered by Your Book Promoter is the Virtual Book Tour. Authors who sign on are booked for interviews on radio shows carried by Blog Talk Radio, an internet radio site. The purpose of the virtual tour is to gain access to different markets without even having to travel.

Cochran believes that one of the driving forces in independent sales right now is social networking sites like My Space, where many connections can be made. Millions of people visit these popular sites each day. Every one of them is a potential reader.

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