Grizzly Creek Publishing Announces Release of "Stories of the American West, Volume 1"

The book includes 3 Western Short Stories and 2 bonus non-fictional articles of historical significance.

Flowery Branch, GA, January 31, 2023 --( “This book has taken more than 70 years to be written,” said Daniel Parliman, author at Grizzly Creek Publishing. This is because Rich Roy Thomson, who grew up in Aspen, Colorado, then lived for most of his life in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and is author of 4 of the 5 works in the book, written before his death in 1950. Daniel Parliman who is the great-great nephew of Rich, received the typed manuscripts in 2020, several years after Rich’s daughter-in-law passed away in California. “After reviewing the stories, I knew that these stories should not just be neglected, so I began an effort to edit and research to get them released. In addition to publishing those stories, I knew there was more to the story,” he continued.

“I had grown up in New Jersey, as next-door neighbor to Robert W. Thomson (Rich Roy Thomson’s son) during my grade school years, and he had told to me all the exciting stories of his dad, about him being a rodeo star, Forest Ranger, and about his outfitting experience with Wilderness Trail Rides (1930s-1940s) and operation of hunting camps (starting in 1920s). To this was the added knowledge that Bob had continued in the Hunting Camp part of the business ever since the late 1940s, until his death. And the final aspect to this story, is that Daniel Parliman had also worked in the Last Thomson hunting camp in 1972 as a 16-17 year old, and had some interesting stories to tell of those experiences, which ended up being the last section of the book. Preceding that part of the book was Rich’s non-fictional story of how those Wilderness Trail Rides were organized."

What is in the book “Stories of the American West, Volume 1?”
The book contains approximately 160 pages, and is organized into these sections:

• Western Short Story: “The Spoiling of Plateau Sal” About a horse that had never been rode, near Grand Mesa in western Colorado 3.
• Western Short Story: “The Lost Boy Gold Lode” Boys find what they believe is gold, near Aspen, Colorado.
• Western Short Story: “The Rendezvous at Wild Horse Spring” A wild horse trapper and trainer near Meeker, Colorado is visited by a stranger.
• Non-fiction Story: “The Last Roundup” Rich Roy Thomson describes how largescale Trail Rides were organized in Colorado 1940s.
• Non-fiction Story: “The Last Thomson Hunting Camp” Daniel Parliman recounts the story of the last Thomson Hunting Camp (1972), from the perspective of a teenager working in that camp, and of the stories he recalls.
• Afterward – Description of what happened to many of the people described in the book.

Availability The book is published in January 2023, and is available in two versions: Paperback version (ISBN 9798218124182) Available via Ingram (Ingram Content Group), and Pricing: List price $9.99 in US Kindle Ebook version (asin B0BPMZBZB9).

Note: For at least 90 days, this book can be read free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Pricing: List price $4.99 in US.

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