Save MSIX Migration Time and Cost with the Automatic MSIX Conversion and Compatibility Analysis Framework

Craiova, Romania, February 28, 2023 --( Advanced Installer released the Automatic MSIX Conversion and Compatibility Analysis Framework that enables IT professionals to perform application mass conversion to MSIX , get an analysis of their compatibility, and use the framework report to set the strategy of packaging and deployment.

This impacts the time and money spent on the migration to MSIX significantly, reducing them through mass MSIX conversion and validation.

The framework combines the automation capabilities of the Repackager Module in Advanced Installer with those of MSIX Troubleshooter V2.0 (free tool powered by Advanced Installer) and the automation interface of Advanced Installer.

The framework will provide a CSV report containing an overview of users' applications portfolio, that the need when defining their packaging & deployment strategy. This way, clients will be able to examine the status of their applications, such as how many applications failed to package or install or how many were a success.

Here’s how it works in the background:

The framework starts by reading the CSV file containing the information of the packages that are available in an SCCM distribution point (DP). Then, it uses the automation functionality of Advanced Installer Repackager to convert the packages from SCCM to MSIX.

Once the packages are converted to MSIX, the framework extracts the validation information at build time and stores it outside of the build log.

The final step performed by the framework is testing the packages after they are built, checking if they install properly and if the application launches successfully after the installation.

The Advanced Installer team used the Advanced Installer Framework for Automatic MSIX Conversion and Compatibility Analysis to convert 100 packages.

In about 24 hours, it could be observed that:

63% of the packages have been successfully converted, built, and installed

34% of the packages failed

And 3% of the packages were partially successful because they contained some resources not supported by the MSIX container.

The Advanced Installer team developed an efficient framework to help clients reduce the amount of time spent migrating to MSIX and gaining a general understanding of which applications can be converted to MSIX, as well as the difficulties that may arise during the process of conversion, build, or installation and the solutions to those challenges.

This Framework is part of the commitment to provide the best support in the industry for MSIX technology that brings real value to the software engineers work.

So far this year, Advanced Installer has contributed to the application packaging industry with ten product releases where ease of use, automation, valuable resources, and content were the main divers.

Released in 2003, Advanced Installer became a leader in the application packaging industry by providing solutions for software developers and IT professionals to package and deploy applications simply and securely in Windows format.

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