Fourth Major Version of dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL Released

Devart has announced an update of dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL. The new version is enhanced with new data comparison options and can now be used on Linux and macOS.

Prague, Czech Republic, February 08, 2023 --( Devart, one of the leading developers of database management software, ALM solutions, and data providers for the most popular database servers, has announced an update of dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL, a GUI tool for data comparison and synchronization.

The major news about the release:

- dbForge Data Compare has been provided with Linux and macOS support.

- The release brings new comparison options: now users can specify databases in the comparison wizard, copy source settings to the target database, copy target settings to the source database, and exclude newly added objects. Further new options also include Tolerance Interval, Hide Empty Columns, Ignore Computed Columns, and Ignore Internal Spaces.

- Text Editor has also been improved. Now users can select entire lines with triple clicks and perform copy/cut and paste operations faster using shortcuts. Another enhancement is the display of RAISE [ NOTICE | WARNING | INFO ] in Error List & Output messages.

- The release also delivers extended support for high-DPI devices.

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