Author Bruce Sanford’s New Book, "Insignificant but Special," Reveals How the First Few Seeds of Life on Earth Have Led to the Present Moment in Mankind's History

Recent release “Insignificant but Special: The Story of Life on Earth,” from Page Publishing author Bruce Sanford, is an eye-opening discussion that reveals how life on Earth came to be, and how humankind's continuous evolution and survival depended upon specific circumstances that Earth seemed to be designed for.

Author Bruce Sanford’s New Book, "Insignificant but Special," Reveals How the First Few Seeds of Life on Earth Have Led to the Present Moment in Mankind's History
Olympia, WA, February 15, 2023 --( Bruce Sanford, an avid wildlife photographer, cyclist, and gardener who holds a Master of Arts in natural science with a specialty in aquatic biology and has worked all over the world in his field, has completed his new book, “Insignificant but Special: The Story of Life on Earth”: a thorough overview of how life began on Earth, and was perpetuated by circumstantial accidents on a planet that seems perfectly designed for human life.

“Life is a rarity. We know of no other planet where life exists other than on Earth. Life started out in a most simple form, then proceeded along a labyrinth of evolutionary pathways that resulted in extraordinary and unfathomable designs,” writers Sanford. “This is a journey, from the beginning of time to this very day, guided by circumstances, contingencies, and chaos that has governed Earth's living assemblage. But life's presence was not destined to just happen. If it wasn't for our moon, which gave Earth orbital and rotational stability, life would not be as we know it today. If it wasn't for volcanic eruptions, Earth would be an ice-clad, frozen globe. If it wasn't for one of the tiniest of living organisms that produced a toxic gas, complex life would not have arisen. If it wasn't for one particular extinction event, Homo sapiens would not be walking this planet, and you would not be reading this now. If it wasn't for a million other things, life would be much different, or not at all. Earth made life, from the meek to the monstrous, from the banal to the bizarre, from the humblest to the haughtiest. Strap yourself in alongside a window seat and witness the passing of time, to view the episodes of change, and how the making of life became the greatest story on Earth.”

Published by Page Publishing, Bruce Sanford’s fascinating tale will take readers on the incredible journey of how life began from its earliest days to the present, and how the planet’s very makeup was the perfect environment for it all. Through his writings, Sanford hopes to inspire readers to accept the responsibility of caring for the Earth and helping it heal, as they come to understand its vital role in mankind’s continued survival.

Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase “Insignificant but Special: The Story of Life on Earth” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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