Vicki Baylis’s Newly Released "Up There Around the Bend" is a Humorous Memoir That Takes Readers Into the Heart of a Southern Family

“Up There Around the Bend,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Vicki Baylis, is an engaging look into the life of an empty nester who is finding new joys and adventure in a fresh stage of life.

Vicki Baylis’s Newly Released "Up There Around the Bend" is a Humorous Memoir That Takes Readers Into the Heart of a Southern Family
Hattiesburg, MS, February 15, 2023 --( “Up There Around the Bend”: an entertaining autobiographical work. “Up There Around the Bend” is the creation of published author Vicki Baylis, a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother who resides in Mississippi.

Baylis shares, “Once you reach the middle-aged years in life, you better be tough enough to handle all the aches and pains that come with it. Join Vicki Baylis as she discovers a whole new meaning of complaining. She has learned that the house is not the only thing settling. According to Vicki, the empty nest is still enjoyable, but she now realizes it would have been better if she had had more kids. Finding ways to bribe her children into going back home to fix her laptop and the newfangled television is getting harder each time she breaks them. The dirty dishes that used to come out of thin air have been replaced by red solo cups and paper plates. She makes no apologies for this either. And thanks to the trendy, new meal-delivery services, she has finally learned to cook for just two people again. If you were to ask Vicki to explain this stage of life, she would tell you life is good, Tylenol is a necessity, and Netflix is your best friend.

“'Up There around the Bend' is a continuing glance into the life of an ordinary Southern family—a family with just enough chaos to cause laughter and just enough hardship to make you count your blessings. They still have potholes along the way, but at least they have learned to jump over the big ones.

“In addition to the laughs you may find in this witty memoir, you may enjoy her other books: Just a Little Southern, Just a Little More Southern, Pea Patches and Butterbean Fields, Daddy’s Money, Garden Club Secrets, and Down This Road a Piece.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Vicki Baylis’s new book brings readers an open look into the author’s newest life adventures.

Baylis shares the good, the bad, and all that comes in between within the pages of this touching memoir.

Consumers can purchase “Up There Around the Bend” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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