The New Six Episode Short Comedy, "A Barman’s Aperitif," from Four Dogs Production Company, released on YouTube on Valentines Day

Actor, Michael Joseph Pierce (Confessions – The Series, Dognapped: Hound for the Holidays, Unfrosted) head of Four Dogs Production Company in San Diego, CA released his new six-episode comedy, "A Barman’s Aperitif," on YouTube on Valentine’s Day.

San Diego, CA, February 18, 2023 --( "A Barman’s Aperitif" is a six episode short form Comedy Web Series filmed entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro max, inspired by Lady GaGa’s "Stupid Love’ Music Video, also filmed on an iPhone Pro. "A Barman’s Aperitif" was written in 2020 and filmed mid pandemic in 2021. It was originally a personal project for Film Festival Submissions.

Michael said, “I sat down at my computer one night and started writing a story. I had written a few short stories previously that I put on film and my intentions were the same. Little did I know that I would turn this into a short form comedy web series. One episode became two and so on, until I had written five episodes. But something was missing, and I ended up writing the penultimate sixth episode.”

It is the story of an aging, inappropriate, alcoholic Barman, who finally realizes his dream of buying a bar with the help of his sister. He turns the passage of making a cocktail and drinking it, into a situation of history, clarity and a little bit of irreverence, through his personal life stories, including people he's met in life, patrons; and his staff who freely spread their opinions of him behind his back in behind-the-scenes interviews. And there is a twist. It is an unapologetic; suspend your disbelief, broad alcoholic comedy. It is this man’s life seen through the eyes of cocktails and the one person who unfortunately found a way in assisting him in telling his stories.
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