Revolutionary Pixlr Suite 2023 Sets New Standard in Online Image Editing with Advanced A.I. Technology

Singapore, Singapore, February 24, 2023 --( Pixlr (Pixlr Pte Ltd.), the leading photo-editing software, unveils the latest version of its flagship suite of products, Pixlr Suite 2023. With an array of new features, Pixlr Suite 2023 is the powerful and user-friendly photo editing software on the market. The new Pixlr Suite serves a new user interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a library of tools and effects that make editing photos a breeze.

The new update offers a wide range of the latest features that will appeal to both amateur and professional creatives. One of the platform's standout features is its AI-powered tools that use machine learning algorithms to enhance photos, remove blemishes, and automatically adjust brightness, contrast, and color balance. This means that users can achieve professional-level results without having to learn complex photo editing techniques.

Pixlr has announced a range of new features to enhance user experience and provide creative freedom, including the AI-powered Smart Resize and text-to-image generator. These features allow for the scaling of images while maintaining quality, and the creation of unique images based on keywords or description.

Additionally, Pixlr has introduced the AI Infill, Color Channel, and Colorize features, which allow for the precise adjustment of color channels and the addition of single, duo, or tri-tone color effects. These features provide quick and innovative solutions for image manipulation, offering users more options to enhance their designs.

"Pixlr is proud to announce the release of our updated AI-Powered tools for 2023," said Pixlr founder Ola Sevandersson. "Our aim is to make these tools more accessible to everyone, and we have given them a fresh and modern look for improved usability as we are dedicated to providing our users with the best experience possible."

"We're delighted to continue to invest more into our tools and services with A.I. being a definitive part of making design smarter, faster, and easier." -Warren Leow, CEO of Inmagine

Pixlr Suite 2023 is now available on the website.

For more information, visit the Pixlr Suite at

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Pixlr was introduced in August 2008 to enable everyone to create, edit and share images online with ease. Pixlr is a freemium platform leveraging AI and machine learning to revolutionize content creation. Pixlr is used by nearly 10 million users monthly, with its mobile apps having been downloaded more than 130 million times since launch.

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