Author Ronnie Howard’s New Book, "The Way We Played," is a Compelling Novel About a Young Boy Who Was Diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis

Recent release “The Way We Played,” from Page Publishing author Ronnie Howard, is a fictional work based on the author’s participation in and witnessing of real-life antics and shenanigans from his childhood that were pushed to the limit.

Author Ronnie Howard’s New Book, "The Way We Played," is a Compelling Novel About a Young Boy Who Was Diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis
Lawernceburg, TN, February 24, 2023 --( Ronnie Howard, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, has completed his new book, “The Way We Played”: a novel inspired by the author’s childhood memories. From running away to the corner stop sign with a little red wagon as a small child, to being put in the clothes dryer, high jinks were the order of the day.

At only nine weeks old, Johnnie Johnson’s parents were informed that their son was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. Due to Johnnie’s weakened and emaciated condition, the doctor felt certain Johnnie would not survive corrective surgery. However, the doctor felt there was no other choice and did say, “If Johnnie survives this, he’ll live to be one hundred.”

Fortunately, the operation proved successful, and Johnnie was once again united with his siblings. The Johnson household eventually was filled with five rambunctious kids that were constantly up to some sort of shenanigans. From roller-skating on the roof to putting the smaller kids in the clothes dryer, this household of kids tested everyone’s patience. Whether it be Mom, the live-in maid, or Aunt Betty (affectionately labeled “The Old Sow”), they were all eventually at their wits’ end.

One Saturday morning, Mom simply walked out the door, stepped into a motor home, and drove away. The maid simply disappeared. Aunt Betty, well she decided to move to Arizona! Though somewhat perplexed at all these departures, the kids knew they didn’t need supervision.

Author Ronnie Howard writes, “Time and again, I have thought about how difficult it must have been to perform such an operation knowing that it may do more harm than good and most likely would not prevent me from dying. The doctor must have felt nerve-racked and hopeless at this task. Apparently, it was the only thing remaining to try, just something to appease the parents with, while expecting it to be a failure. Was the doctor aware that Michael, the sibling before me and the only family member whose name didn’t start with the letter J, had died at birth? Was it bad luck to have a name that didn’t start with the letter J? Now knowing the gravity of the situation, my parents returned home and informed their friends and family of the crisis at hand.”

Published by Page Publishing, Ronnie Howard’s memorable tale celebrates the joys of childhood.

Readers who wish to experience this original work can purchase “The Way We Played” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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