Liz Mitten Ryan Celebrates Equinisity at Book Expo Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 01, 2008 --( World-renowned Artist-Equine Communicator Liz Mitten Ryan will air her DVD and present her new book One with the Herd: A Spiritual Journey at Book Expo Canada in Toronto June 15 - 16, 2008. One with the Herd has won an Indie Award of Excellence, a Nautilus Silver Award, several other Independent Publisher Awards and is a finalist in the U.S.A. Best Books 2007 Awards.

This visionary work is an intimate record of one woman’s journey with her semi-wild horses – yet it has broad implications for the repair of all our lives. Mitten Ryan’s observations of equine language transport us beyond earthly confines to remembering who we are. The text is enriched by her original artwork, poetry, journal entries and stunning photographs.

One with the Herd is capturing hearts all across North America. Funds raised from book sales benefit equine welfare groups around the world – including Toronto’s own Long Run Thoroughbred Retirement, Return to Freedom Rescue (California), Thoroughbred Charities of America (Kentucky) and Equine Voices (Arizona).

The presentation of One with the Herd at Book Expo Canada is part of Mitten Ryan’s North American book tour. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the author and enhance your own unforgettable journey.

Visit Mitten Ryan and the herd at - then visit in-person at Book Expo Canada.

Liz Mitten Ryan - One with the Herd
Carol Upton