DisputeSuite.com Launches Credit Repair Business Software

A new company has emerged in the credit repair software arena. DisputeSuite software is aimed at the thousands of businesses and professionals who perform credit repair for consumers.

Tampa, FL, June 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- A new company has emerged in the credit repair software arena. DisputeSuite software is aimed at the thousands of businesses and professionals who perform credit repair for consumers. DisputeSuite is also perfect for related industries. Mortgage brokers, realtors, banks, cellular stores, car dealers and more---can use DisputeSuite to assist their clients with bad credit and to close more deals.

Millions of Americans Suffer from Bad Credit
Excellent credit is crucial in today’s crunched economy. Bad credit can cost consumers hundreds of thousands in high interest rates and lending fees. An estimated 100 million Americans suffer from a bad credit rating. To make matters worse, credit reports are full of errors. In fact, a study by the Federal Reserve found 70%+ of credit reports contained serious errors. Consumers need credit repair more than ever. Fortunately, the law gives consumers the right to dispute negative credit listings and “repair” their credit reports.

Credit Repair Businesses to the Rescue
Each year millions of people seek help with repairing their bad credit. Credit repair businesses work with clients to determine which credit report items are inaccurate and then mail out dispute letters to get the information corrected. Removing derogatory credit items is the fastest way for consumers to see a boost in their credit scores.

Credit Repair Business Software –Tool of the trade
The credit repair process is fairly simple. The real challenge is preparing dispute letters and staying organized. Writing dispute letters in a Word processor is awfully slow, and managing customers with a notepad is impossible. Brett Ryckman, the Founder of DisputeSuite.com, dealt with the chaos first hand while running his own credit repair business. “We searched and searched for a solution that would allow us to run more efficiently but came up with nothing,” said Ryckman. Frustrated by the lack of software on the market, Ryckman sold his credit repair company and dedicated himself to developing a robust software designed for credit repair businesses.

Now introducing DisputeSuite.com
DisputeSuite is a comprehensive software application for credit repair businesses. It is easy to use and does not require any credit repair experience. It provides all the tools needed to start, run, and manage a credit repair business. It automates many of the redundant credit repair tasks. Some features include:
• Contact Management - Manage an Unlimited number of credit repair clients.
• Dispute Letter Automation - Generate dispute letters automatically (at speeds up to 50 letters per hour).
• Dispute Letter Management - Track dispute letters and record results.
• Letter Templates - Customers’ information automatically inserts into the letters.
• Letter Library - Save all of your credit repair letters in a central database.
• Letter Template Editor - Word processor to create your own letter templates.
• Access to Free Letters - Access to hundreds of proven credit repair letters.
• Collaboration – Everyone at your company can have real-time access, making teamwork easy.

More Features to Come
DisputeSuite already has plans to release a more advanced version of the software. The Enterprise Edition will feature CRM sales and lead management, affiliate management (for mortgage brokers), and more. Online portals will allow customers and affiliates to login and view important information. Customers can check their case status and dispute history while affiliates can send news leads and view commissions. Once the Enterprise Edition is available, current users can seamlessly upgrade.

Web-based Software
DisputeSuite provides instant access to the application without requiring subscribers to buy, install or maintain expensive hardware, software or networks. It is web-based software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the world from a Web browser.

No Contracts, Cancellation or Upfront Fees
Say goodbye to high-cost software. DisputeSuite only charges a low monthly fee for the software. There are no contracts, no signup or setup fees, and you can cancel anytime. The first 30 days are Free and packages start as low as $45/month/user.

For more information or to sign-up for a free trial, visit: www.DisputeSuite.com A demo video is also available at www.disputesuite.com/demo.html

Brett Ryckman