Movie Special Effects Studio Producing Their First Major Motion Picture

After creating the effects for over 40 iconic films, Schaffer Studios is now venturing to produce a motion picture of their own.

Movie Special Effects Studio Producing Their First Major Motion Picture
Spanish Fork, UT, March 04, 2023 --( Schaffer Studios has spent decades creating the effects for such films as Iron Man 2, Speed, Daylight, Black Adam and Yellowstone. With so much experience under their belt, it is no wonder that producing a motion picture of their own was the next logical step. Their crew has done everything from visual effects and production design to storyboards and motion picture advertising. With such a talented and diverse staff, there is little doubt their next venture will be a success.

Two friends who went to High School together, Clark Schaffer and Aaron Keck, have spent decades together working on a variety of projects. They are now actively pursuing a new full length motion picture endeavor to take their film experience to the next level.

Their current project “The What!” is an homage film to the “giant monster” movies of the 50’s, told through the hardships, drama, and laughter of one farmer, his family, and their town. This film is also something quite unique. They have created an entirely new genre of film that will spark a flurry of excitement. With a production deadline looming they are anxious to start filming this summer. Screen tests will be held soon for actors.

They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign offering incredible prizes to those individuals offering pledges to fund the motion picture. Pledges can range from as little as $1 up to $10,000 with prizes being your name in the credit scroll at the end of the film to being an Executive Producer, depending on your pledge amount. With so many prizes in-between, it will be sure to attract a wide range of supporters. You can find out more about their project on their Facebook page at or support their movie “The What!” on Kickstarter at

About Schaffer Studios
Schaffer Studios is a full service VFX company specializing in the design, engineering, fabrication and execution of practical f sequences, production design, VFX supervision, storyboards and custom art pieces. Included are films from the Star Trek, DC, and Marvel franchises.

Its owner, Clark Schaffer, started his career in Hollywood in the early 90s where he worked for the major film studios and various VFX houses. After meeting Grant McCune (Star Wars), he was hired on staff as production designer and lead artist.

A decade later Schaffer opened his own studio. Schaffer Studios is one of the few remaining practical FX services and has the reputation of taking original approaches to create realistic, unforgettable scenes. The Studio is sought out for its design and production of miniatures, props, creatures, matte paintings, full-sized and oversized items as well as sets and environments. Their services are also called on to bring to life exhibits, sculpture, and murals for public as well as private commissions. Some of their more recent work can be seen on Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone, Disney’s High School Musical, Marvel’s Black Adam and Amazon’s upcoming Fallout. Learn more about Schaffer Studios on their website at
Schaffer Studios
Clark Schaffer
Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Clark Schaffer helped design and build the Autopsy Suite for Iron Man 2.

San Cruizer

San Cruizer

Schaffer Studios built five "Sand Cruizers" using golf cart chassis for a custom-themed resort.