A New Innovative Home Decor Accessory for 2008 is the Finer Designer Wastebasket Liners Now Available Thru www.the Finer Liner.com and Specialty Shops Throughout the US

Finer Designer Wastebasket Liners are a new home decor accessory for 2008. Now Biodegradable. Beautiful disposable and recyclable wastebasket liners in classic, and trendy designs to fit any home decor. Leopard prints, Fleur de lis, Ferns and many other designs available in 2 sizes. The liners add the perfect touch of elegance to any wastebasket and any room of your home.

North Branford, CT, June 03, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The Finer Designer Wastebasket Liner has arrived. A new Biodegradable home decor accessory now available through the internet and specialty shops throughout the USA. Owner Annette Savio states, "I am excited for this press release to hit the airwaves, I believe my Finer Designer Wastebasket Liners will truly be a household word in decorative home accents." The Finer Liner company was started this year in March after a year of research and development in the home decor market. Finer Designer Liners definitely offer a better choice in wastebasket liners by far. Beautiful patterns to compliment any decor styles. The wastebasket liners are fun and definitely unique to the market. A Set of 12 Plastic disposable, recylable, and highly reusable liners in 7 patterns and 2 sizes are very reasonably priced at 8.00-9.00 for a set of liners complete with a unique scalloped edge. The liners are also available in a biodegradable plastic. They are durable, glossy and very high quality. Finer Liners are currently being sold in specialty shops in the USA and will continue to add new designs as the interior decor market changes.

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