New E-Zine Asserts: Earth Changes Signal the Emergence of a New Golden Age

Golden Age Today,, is dedicated to understanding the current Earth changes from a spiritual point of view.

Waitsfield, VT, June 03, 2008 --( Golden Age Today (, is devoted to understanding the current Earth changes from a spiritual point of view.

It is apparent to many that our planet and humanity itself are undergoing massive changes. However, at the present time there are precious few who realize that these changes are part of a larger paradigm shift; namely that humanity is witnessing the end of the Iron Age and the emergence of a new Golden Age. The magazine, Golden Age Today, ( is a Free e-zine dedicated to documenting the emergence of this New Age.

Every month readers will enjoy the insights of such luminaries as New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden, author and producer Walter Cruttenden, Hopi Elder Martin Gashweseoma, author and crop circle researcher Lucy Pringle, author and filmmaker Jay Weidner, psychic Ellie Crystal, anthropologist and shamanic explorer Dr. Hank Wesselman, and many other notable authors, researchers and fellow seekers.

The online magazine offers regular monthly and weekly columns on subjects such as the precession of the equinoxes, shamanism, the paranormal and reality shifting. The Lifting of the Veil section is dedicated to stories of a paranormal bent. It is the magazine's assertion that paranormal events happening around the world are becoming more commonplace as the walls between dimensions break down. Readers will be 'up-to-the-minute' in all areas of the paranormal: Crop Circles, Cryptozoology, Ghosts, Mythological Creatures, UFOs and more. also offers valuable links to free downloadable books and other resources designed to help seekers embark on their own search for answers. is intended to be a gathering place for anyone interested in understanding the present changes happening around the world and what they mean for humanity. This wide-ranging and informative e-zine is designed to help seekers find some respite and encouragement on the path towards enlightenment.

Golden Age Today also offers a monthly newsletter where readers can learn about upcoming articles and important news stories.

In addition, all visitors who register with will have the ability to post on the e-zine's forum. The forum is a place for community members to share their stories, thoughts and beliefs in a friendly and respectful environment. is nonsectarian and welcomes people of all religious (and non-religious) beliefs. The e-zine will explore the teachings of all of the world's religions, including the teachings of indigenous cultures from around the world and the lessons provided by both ancient and modern-day masters. is based in Vermont and is published on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Golden Age Today
Thomas J. Thamm