“Ana Voog – Dreaming on Stage” at www.voogbooks.com

A new book featuring the art of 24/7 webcam life-artist Ana Voog is now available at www.voogbooks.com.

Minneapolis, MN, June 03, 2008 --(PR.com)-- New art book available: “Ana Voog – Dreaming on Stage.”

Preview flip-book and order online at www.voogbooks.com

Coming from a background as a major label recording artist, in 1997 Minnesota based artist Ana Clara Voog (a.k.a. Rachael Olson), started the second continuous 24/7 webcam (after Jennicam), and was the first 24/7 webcam oriented towards performance art, as well as featuring traditional and new medium artworks. Her webcam was the first to last a decade, and her “anacam” project has been included in the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Weisman Art Museum, and the Walker Art Center; with television appearances on E!, A & E, Hard Copy, and Vibe; and print coverage in such periodicals as USA Today, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, The New York Post, and Playboy.

In many ways, Ana Voog has had the “huevos” to shatter the super-egoistic glass ceiling of many social mores-- all without becoming a homicidal maniac. To the contrary, and to be sure, with her post-modern blurred and reestablished boundaries between art and life, from meandering deconstructive crocheting and caustic self-sexploitation to photographing mundane everydayness and years of sleeping on a stage (reminiscent of Sophie Calle’s 1979 work, “The Sleepers”)-- Ana has transcended narcissistic image making and breaking, in what could be called “post-egoism”: the self-as-product myth exploded across the internet, as Ana has reached out from her home and head seducing the universe to look in on the Anaverse-- to look in on the highs, lows, and many in-betweens-- as her brilliant fire has emerged and matured in an ever refined journey of the self-discovery and expression of a genuine, if not an angelic nor an ordinary, human being.

The book “Ana Voog – Dreaming on Stage” was edited and designed, in coordination with Ana Voog, by schizophrenic artist J.D. Casten, who was drawn to Ana’s 24/7 webcam project in part due to his own experience with (delusional) 24/7 thought-broadcasting, and also due to the relevance he found between Ana’s art and his interest in deconstructive philosophy. $39 softbound and $139 hardbound versions available now.

Ana Voog
J.D. Casten
This book has no author, but rather an editor (J.D. Casten) and a subject (Ana Voog)-- all questions will be mediated by editor J.D. Casten.