Jeff Ashley’s Newly Released "I Like to Feed Dinosaurs!" is a Thought-Provoking Discussion Against the Theory of Evolution

“I Like to Feed Dinosaurs!” from Christian Faith Publishing author Jeff Ashley, is an articulate rebuttal of commonly held beliefs regarding the processes deemed responsible for the ever-changing evolution of Earth and its inhabitants.

Jeff Ashley’s Newly Released "I Like to Feed Dinosaurs!" is a Thought-Provoking Discussion Against the Theory of Evolution
Wilmington, NY, March 16, 2023 --( “I Like to Feed Dinosaurs!”: a scholarly discussion of foundational scientific theory. “I Like to Feed Dinosaurs!” is the creation of published author Jeff Ashley.

Ashley shares, “On a back road in Saranac Lake, New York, is Petrova Avenue, where a small rock shop owned by the Bristol family was located. As a young boy, I remember going to that rock shop every summer when my family traveled to visit my grandparents in Lake Placid. That rock shop had treasures, lots of treasures. There were fossils that were millions of years old and geodes that you could buy and have cut open. The geodes were my favorite. It would take half an hour to cut open those big round grapefruit-sized rocks, and when they split, you could hear a thump inside the oil cutting saw tank. Then they would open the saw lid, and you would see what kind of treasure was inside the geode. That was fifty years ago. I can still see the sparkling light shining off the oil-covered hollow inside and the purple crystals of amethyst that shined back. The geodes with large dark-purple amethyst crystals were the most valuable. I still have those same geodes today. Perhaps because of this experience, my favorite color became purple, and I went on to college and majored in geology. How, I wondered as a young boy, could anyone be certain that those fossils were, indeed, millions of years old?

“Geology teaches us that the world is 4.75 billion years old, and that the Grand Canyon represents 1.8 billion years of earth’s history with an average depth of over one mile in thickness (six thousand feet). According to, it also tells us that the average thickness of land on our planet is 2,755 feet, and 75 percent of the surface rocks are sedimentary ( Sedimentary rocks are rocks that have been broken down from other rocks by the action of water. Where did all the water come from to create so many sedimentary rocks that are even found 2,755 feet above sea level? Virtually all scientific sources agree that if all the ice on the planet melted, North Pole, South Pole, glaciers etc., the ocean would only rise 200–230 feet above sea level. So where did all the water come from to make those sedimentary rocks that are over thousands of feet above sea level? Science does not have an answer.

“Did you know if you apply common rates of ocean sedimentation to how long it would take the sedimentary layers in the Grand Canyon to form, it will only take 5.4 million years or less to form the sedimentary layers of the Grand Canyon instead of 1,800 million years? There are very pronounced errors in the theory of evolution that can be proven with simple math and common sense explanations.

“That is what this book is about—common sense rebuttals of what has become a worldwide philosophy—evolution. There are simple answers to the questions of why the earth is not extremely old and where all the water came from that formed sedimentary rocks at such high elevations above sea level. These answers are not taught in our school classrooms. In this book, I attempt to write from a less complicated stance, explaining in layman’s terms, truths that refute the theory of evolution.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Jeff Ashley’s new book provides readers with a clear study of Earth’s existence.

Ashley shares in hopes of aiding others in their discussions of evolution by providing layman’s terms for rebutting the commonly held philosophy.

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